Enlighten Sapphire 4C - 4 Person Hybrid Sauna - The Tubfair
Enlighten Sapphire 4C - 4 Person Hybrid Sauna - The Tubfair
Enlighten Sapphire 4C - 4 Person Hybrid Sauna - The Tubfair

Enlighten Sapphire 4C - 4 Person Hybrid Sauna

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    Usually Ships out 10-12 business days after order is placed if in stock. For more precise shipping and delivery time please contact us.

    Why Buy From The Tubfair

    All Enlighten Saunas come with 90 days Hassle Free Trial, please contact us for more details.

    These Saunas currently have a 8-10 week lead time once an order is placed, for more details please contact us.

    Our hybrid saunas combine Harvia electric heaters and infrared heaters. This sauna uses the heat from both types of sources to bring you health benefits associated with saunas.

    This beautifully designed corner sauna is comfortable for 4 people and comfort is what you need if you plan to spend a lot of time in it. Besides being ergonomically designed to be easy to use this sauna is also pleasant to look at.

    As a Sierra type of sauna, it values natural wood over glass panels, but it still has plenty of windows to allow natural light through. As a corner sauna, it occupies space very efficiently, so it would be perfect for places with limited space available.

    Natural Canadian red cedar wood adds to the style and the resilience of the sauna against environmental conditions. As both interior and exterior are crafted out of this naturally renewable resource, the effect comes in the form of a cozy space for 4 people to relax and boost their health. As an outdoor sauna, it can tolerate poor weather well. You are one step away from getting your health sanctuary.

    Indoor Option

    This hybrid sauna is designed to be placed in a corner and therefore it is one of the more popular models of indoor saunas. Usually, people have limited unoccupied space indoors and this compact sauna, which isn’t small would be an excellent addition to your home.

    Hybrid saunas facilitate heating using electric heaters and infrared heaters. This combination of traditional Harvia electric heaters and modern infra-red heaters leads to quicker sessions as you feel the heat straight away when using it due to infra-red heat penetrating the skin and going deep into the tissue immediately. Those sweat sessions have never been more convenient and comfortable.

    A luxurious look from the outside matches the luxurious feel on the inside thanks to the natural Canadian red cedar wood used lavishly.

    This is a durable sauna designed for regular use that will make your home even more homely.


    Double Shingled Roof
    Real Western Canadian Red Cedar Wood Outside And Inside
    Harvia Heater
    Bluetooth Player With Speakers

    Adjust. Temp.: 0-189 F
    Number of Heaters: 9
    Heaters Type: Electrical Heater + Infrared Heaters
    Timer: 0 - 60 mins
    Near/Mid IR Wavelength: 0 to 5 microns
    Far IR Wavelength: 6 to 12 microns

    Amperage: 20AMP - 2 separate designated circuits, 1 per each heating technology
    Plug: NEMA 6-20p
    Voltage: 220/240 V
    Depth: 59"
    Height: 73"
    Bench: two 65.5" x 22"

    Width: 71.5"
    Depth: 61.5"
    Height: 86"

    Roof Width: 75"
    Roof Depth: 75"

    Number of Boxes: 7
    Product Weight: 900 lbs
    Shipping Weight: 900 lbs


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