Enlighten Diamond 2 - 2 Person Hybrid Sauna - The Tubfair
Enlighten Diamond 2 - 2 Person Hybrid Sauna - The Tubfair
Enlighten Diamond 2 - 2 Person Hybrid Sauna - The Tubfair
Enlighten Diamond 2 - 2 Person Hybrid Sauna - The Tubfair
Enlighten Diamond 2 - 2 Person Hybrid Sauna - The Tubfair

Enlighten Diamond 2 - 2 Person Hybrid Sauna

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    Why Buy From The Tubfair

    All Enlighten Saunas come with 90 days Hassle Free Trial, please contact us for more details.

    These Saunas currently have a 8-10 week lead time once an order is placed, for more details please contact us.

    This wonderfully designed hybrid 2-person sauna is made out of natural wood components. This sauna would be right for those looking to improve their physical condition through natural means.

    A hybrid sauna uses the heat from traditional electric heaters that warm up the air and modern infra-red heaters that penetrate the skin to go deep into the tissue for the most incredible health benefits. This sauna comfortably seats 2 persons and provides the means to relax as well as the means to improve one’s health.

    Rustic line of saunas is for those who value spaciousness and more sunlight (or moonlight if you prefer to use the sauna after dark). The abundance of glass provides a modern look.

    Top-quality natural wood makes this sauna very pleasant from inside and outside, in terms of look, feel, and even smell. The health benefits that you can gain from using this sauna will make it a place you want to return to again and again.

    You can choose between a sloped roof and a peaked roof, both variants protect well against the sun, wind, and rain.

    The Indoor Option

    This is a splendid hybrid sauna for those looking to improve their health. As a hybrid sauna, it features two types of heaters: traditional electric Harvia heaters and full-spectrum infra-red heaters. Enjoying this sauna with someone comfortably promotes bonding as well as well-being through increasing body temperature to induce sweating.

    Sweating sessions in the sauna lead to a healthier life. Sweating in a cozy surrounding with a smile on your face is something to look forward too. There are good reasons why so many people use saunas regularly and it’s not just the health benefits, it’s also the feel-good factor.

    Golden line saunas offer more views of the outside from inside the sauna and vice versa. Plenty of light comes through well-placed windows.

    A person-oriented design of the interior makes this sauna very comfortable to be in. It looks great from the outside.

    It is a great addition to any home.


    Real Western Canadian Red Cedar Wood Outside And Inside
    Very Responsive Full Spectrum Heaters
    Harvia Heater
    Low Emf
    Bluetooth Player With Speakers

    Adjust. Temp.:0-149 F
    Heaters Number:7 Heaters
    Heaters Type:Low EMF Full Spectrum/Carbon
    Timer:0 - 60 mins
    Near/Mid IR Wavelength:0 to 5 microns
    Far IR Wavelength:6 to 12 microns


    Amperage: 20 Amp

    Plug: NEMA 5-20p

    Voltage: 110/120 V

    Wattage: 2250 W



    Width: 46"
    Depth: 46"
    Height: 73"
    Bench: 44" x 22"

    Width: 60"
    Depth: 60"
    Height: 96"


    Roof Width:60"

    Roof Depth:60"


    Number of Boxes: 7

    Product Weight: 750 lbs

    Shipping Weight: 800 lbs


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