Red Light Therapy Tower
Red Light Therapy Tower
Red Light Therapy Tower

Red Light Therapy Tower

Red Light Therapy Tower
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    Why Buy From The Tubfair

    The Clearlight® Red Light Therapy Tower uses two types of light to create a therapeutic treatment:

    • Red Light. This powerful red light measures 650nm and is visible to the naked eye. This light can penetrate the body at about 5 millimeters.
    • Near Infrared Light. This red light therapy device also produces a near infrared light, measured at 850nm. This spectrum is not visible but can penetrate the body up to one centimeter.

    These two lights are capable of penetrating to different depths in the skin, providing the benefits of both the red light and near infrared light.



      Versatile Device

      In addition to delivering the benefits of red light and near infrared light therapy, another benefit of the Clearlight® Red Light Therapy device is its flexibility. This unit can be installed in your Clearlight Sauna®, or it can be used on its own without a sauna. You can choose whether you want to use the red light treatment during a sauna session or as its own separate therapy.

      Is Red Light Therapy Safe?

      Red light therapy is considered safe, and most users don’t experience any notable side effects. There is one important point to watch for, however—your eyes. The lights produced by this device in the visible spectrum could lead to headaches or strained eyes by the end of the session for some people. To combat this possible issue, consider wearing eye protection during your treatments.



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