Top 7 Tips On Setting Up Your Yoga Space

Top 7 Tips On Setting Up Your Yoga Space

Setting up your yoga studio offers several benefits, and it can help take your yoga to the next level. It will become a part of your lifestyle, and you can easily achieve your health goals. It is pretty simple and affordable to create a personal and sacred yoga space.

Do you know setting up a practice room for yoga can provide additional benefits and takes your body to a whole new and improved level? It makes yoga a more prominent part of your lifestyle that leads to an everlasting healthy body. Here are the top tips for setting up a home yoga studio. 

How much room do you need for yoga?

Yoga requires a small space but the surrounding of your yoga place helps a lot to set the mood. Like no extra storage or mess around yoga studio helps to keep you focused. You need room for props you might use to allow your body to stretch and flow freely. Also, keep in mind that yoga is just not about body movements. The energy in you and your surroundings matters a lot. So, try adding a few accessories to get maximum benefits from your at-home yoga studio. But, if you have a tight budget, you can put the yoga mat in front of your window and do yoga in the room. 

Tips to setting up your yoga place?

First of all, you need to determine the space you want to set up practice room yoga. After that, you need to decorate it and buy the accessories and furniture if you want. 

Here are some of the tips from the yoga experts to set up your sacred and personal yoga place:

1. Get a sticky yoga mat

The most important accessory you need to start your at-home yoga practice is a yoga mat. It would be best to get a sticky mat to help avoid sliding while you do yoga practice. Also, don’t fold it to help you keep motivated and attract you to do yoga practice every day. Avoid putting it in direct sunlight as the mat rubber gets damaged over time.

2. Choose soothing colors

Always choose calm and soothing colors for your yoga place. You can opt for cool and warm white color along with non-toxic paints. Choosing the right environment is crucial as yoga cultivates physical and mental health. So pay attention to choose eco-friendly products to nurture yourself and the environment.

3. Choose proper lights to set yoga mood

Lighting plays a vital role in setting the yoga mood and well-being. You can install dimmer switches and purchase lamps with 2-way switches. Lightweight cotton drapes are also the best option as it helps to filter light and privacy. Moreover, it will add soft vibes to your place.

4. Invest in essential yoga props

If budget is not an issue, you can have multiple yoga accessories like candles, oils, furniture, cushions, and much more. But, if your budget is a little off, just use essentials to enjoy at-home yoga practice.

5. Decorate your yoga studio

The most fun part of setting up a yoga place at home is its decoration. For decoration purposes, you can use traditional lanterns, buddha statues, plants, and much more. To add more beauty and greenery, you can use indoor or outdoor plants depending on your yoga place. To set a mood, you can use scented candles and soft relaxing music. Many yogis love to use salt lamps to create a mood. For an awe-inspiring environment, use curtains, string lights, and cozy furniture. If you are going to practice outdoor yoga, then you possibly need bug spray as well.

6. Hunt for small treasures

You can head towards the local flea market or a thrift shop to search for exclusive products like storage solutions. Keep an eye on everything, as you can find pretty interesting stuff there. Look for the storage options like antique trunks to store your yoga props.

7- Choose custom yoga rooms

The trend of custom yoga rooms is increasing nowadays. These yoga rooms are easy to use and set up. Also, it is a one-time investment, so you can also consider it for your home or office yoga place.

Where to create a yoga place?

Here are some mindful ideas to create your personal yoga place:

  •  You can choose your bedroom if your apartment or dorm is of small size. It will also help to avoid distractions and help you focus.
  • Any flat space would be best as it helps for balancing postures.
  • Any of the rooms of your home where natural light is in abundance to get vitamin D.
  • Close to your bed, you can hang decorations and add trinkets. Also, diffuse your favorite essential oil.
  • If you have any outdoor space, then you can use it too. Make sure to avoid direct sunlight.

Take note that you can set up your personal yoga space wherever you want. Make sure it should be in a place that lights your inner fire and motivates you to step on your yoga mat.

Accessories needed for an in-home yoga studio 

As mentioned earlier, the surroundings of your yoga studio should not be distractive. You can buy the following accessories to complete your yoga studio at home:

  • Yoga mat: If you are going to practice yoga only at home, you should invest in a durable mat. You can buy a heavy-duty mat to avoid slipping.
  • Yoga blanket: You can buy Mexican-style Yoga blankets as they are super comfortable and inexpensive. You can use it as a mini bolster, head pillow, etc.
  • Yoga towels: If you are trying intense yoga postures, you might sweat a lot. Buy a few yoga towels and place them on the side table for use.
  • Meditation pillow: It must be a great addition to your yoga studio if you do pranayama exercises.
  • Yoga bolster: Bolsters can help in restoring postures and perform deep postures.
  • Blocks set:  These blocks are pretty helpful in all posture to keep balanced, relaxed and grounded.
  • Yoga strap: Straps help with flexibility, and you can do a lot more poses with its help.
  • Sandbag: It allows your body to relax into postures. Sandbags also help to take all the pressure off the low back.

Final thoughts

Well, that’s it to set up your yoga space. Don’t worry about decorations and other stuff. Just fill it with the essentials and what makes you pleased. Barre and yoga room combination can be amazing but it depends on your interest. You can also choose custom yoga rooms as they are easy to use and set up. Besides, they are just a one-time investment. After setting up a yoga place, don’t let anything stop you from doing yoga. Allow yourself to have a mindful and consistent yoga practice. Also, meditate, make art, and spend time in yoga places to connect with yourself.

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