Types of Yoga You Should Try in Your Yoga Heated Room

Do you know yogis need to practice this yoga in a yoga heated room with a temperature between 31-40° celsius? Its purpose is to increase sweat to provide extraordinary health benefits. Hot yoga has become quite popular, and almost all yoga studios offer hot yoga services. To make yourself slim, you can try different yoga poses in a yoga-heated room. Your body will burn more calories if you practice yoga in a heated room. 

5 Types of Yoga

Here are some of the best types of yoga suggested by experts that you should try.

1. Hot yoga

It is one of the most popular yoga types that gives birth to the concept of yoga in a heated room. Its popularity is increasing with time, and that’s why it has several variations now. The temperature is set between 31 to 40 degrees for hot yoga.

This yoga type offers multiple benefits such as:

  • Improving flexibility
  • Burn more calories
  • Build bone density
  • Reduce stress level.
  • Provides a cardiovascular boost
  • Reduce blood pressure

According to a study, hot yoga can also help to nourish skin as excess sweating removes skin toxins.

2. Hot Power Yoga

Hot power yoga is perfect for those who want to burn calories at a greater rate. Doing this yoga in a heated room will activate your muscles for sweating. While practicing this yoga, there are many limits not to cross. The temperature of the yoga room will remain between 85 to 100 degrees.

There are many controversies about the origin and tradition of hot yoga. Some think of it as having a traditional relation with Ashtanga. While others think that this yoga type originated from Bikram yoga. If you want to join the best yoga room to practice power yoga, find a reliable hot yoga studio near your place.

Moreover, this yoga type will not make you bored. Another best thing about hot power yoga is the variety of poses. There is no sequence of reporting the same poses again and again. You can burn major calories by torching them with several hot yoga poses. It burns almost 333 calories in a 90 minutes yoga session. 

3. Bikram Yoga 

You can also practice Bikram yoga inside a heated room. There is a sequence of 26 specific poses in a single session. A room with 40 percent humidity and 105 degrees temperature is the best yoga studio for this type of yoga. Doing this exercise will make your body and mind more relaxed and flexible.

Body toxins and hazardous chemicals waste out via active sweating. The 90 minutes session of this specific yoga is helpful in cardiovascular disorders. It reduces all the weight loss worries of patients having cardiac problems.

Unlike other hot yoga types, it follows the militaristic style. This sequenced workout makes it possible for beginners to take part. Along with burning calories, you will also feel relaxation in a yoga-heated room. 

4. Moksha Yoga

Moksha is a stylish yoga with 90-minutes sessions. It also takes place in a yoga heated room for almost 1.5 hours and helps with weight loss and fitness. In other words, It’s a great style for bringing flexibility to the body. You can gain strength and muscles by losing calories while practicing.

Having active participation in Moksha poses is helpful in different health problems. You will not face poor digestion and irregular sleep-wake patterns. 

Get mindful relaxation by spending some time on Moksha styles in hot yoga rooms. For this yoga, your associated yoga room should be environment-friendly. It’s better to prefer a yoga room having greenery and natural things. Enjoy heated body detox and nerve relaxation with Moksha practice.

5. Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga

Baron Baptiste develops Baptiste power Vinyasa yoga. This yoga type is a combination of Iyengar, Ashtanga, and Bikram. The poses of Baptiste are not fixed as you can try different poses. Every class poses are different from the others based on your yoga teacher. Not only that, but students can also do poses according to their desire.

The room temperature for this yoga is set at 90 degrees. It is the best yoga type to try different poses with more of a yogi vibe. Moreover, this yoga type focuses on Asana, Self-inquiry, Meditation, and physical ability.

Why is yoga in the heated room recommended by Yoga Instructors?

The humidity and artificial heat help to eliminate toxins as it activates the lymphatic system. It also boosts the blood circulation that aids several organs and supports metabolism. It can further lead to better body shape and weight loss. Hot yogas are pretty tough, and it increases the heartbeat thus supporting cardiovascular.

The heated rooms of yoga studios also help to boost immunity while promoting relaxation. Hot yoga also addresses the symptoms of several chronic diseases, including arthritis. The best thing about this yoga is that it keeps you fully focused.

Who should not try hot yoga?

If you have certain health issues, then hot yoga is not for you. It includes heart disease, kidney issues, and stroke. Also, it is not recommended for pregnant women. If you have other issues, you can consult your doctor before trying hot yoga.

Can I practice hot yoga at home?

Yes, obviously. You can try hot yoga at home, but you need a proper setup for a heated yoga room. Keep the following factors in mind while practicing it at home:

  1. Get the right heater: There are several heater options available in the market. You need to find one which is capable of warming up the room to the required temperature.
  2. Square shape room: You need a square shape room as room size matters a lot for this type of yoga. You can use a study room or a part of your bedroom to practice hot yoga. Consider the right amount of space. Think about how much space you need to lay your mat or do different poses without any difficulty.
  3. Keep your room heated: You also need to check if your room windows have a double pane or if the doors are properly closed. The hot yoga session lasts around 90 minutes. The best alternative for that problem is custom yoga rooms.

Final thoughts

A yoga heated room can be very effective if you don’t have any health-related concerns. You can try it at home or join a hot yoga studio to practice your favorite poses. Keep your water bottle with you to drink water before and after hot yoga to keep you hydrated. However, if you feel more comfortable in yoga rooms. There are many for sale yoga rooms available on the internet which you may choose from.

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