The 6 Best Home Saunas of 2021

The 6 Best Home Saunas of 2021

A sauna can boost cardiovascular health and provide pain relief. It can help with stress and help with skin problems. But it's a hassle to go to a spa every time. The solution is to get a home sauna. This guide will help you to determine the right unit for your house or apartment. It lists the best products currently available but also answers common user questions. If that sounds good, check out how to find a suitable option for your home!

6 Best Home Saunas of 2021

From basic type to design and heater specifics, everything can affect sauna quality. The detailed reviews of top units available on the market will help you pick a suitable product. Check out the description of the best saunas in 2021!


1. Enlighten Diamond 2 – 2 Person Hybrid Sauna

You should only get products from reliable brands. If we are talking about an at home sauna, you can't go wrong with Enlighten. Their Diamond series features this true gem. It can accommodate two persons, making it a compact and affordable option. 

Enlighten Diamond 2 comes with eco-friendly certification. You can rest assured the product is non-toxic. It's a hybrid sauna, so you can enjoy both IR and traditional heaters. You'll find seven in this product. You can adjust the temperature to the desired level up to 149F. The total wattage is 2250W. Thanks to the heater mix, you might experience the desired effects at somewhat lower heat settings.

Although it only fits a couple of people, they will have generous space inside. Apart from plenty of room, you'll also enjoy smart window locations. These ensure you can observe the outside at all times. This is convenient if you are claustrophobic. It's also great if you appreciate light or want to watch the TV through the glass.

Enlighten Diamond 2 features a rustic design. The manufacturer used natural wood components with an elegant finish. Red cedar isn't only high-quality material but delivers pleasant aesthetics and smell. The combination with glass ensures a modern touch that will fit various decors. You have the option with a peaked or sloped roof.

The sauna allows you to adjust the timer for up to 60 minutes. It comes with a Bluetooth player and a set of speakers. They ensure you can listen to MP3 or radio while in the cabin. The product also comes with USB support.  Diamond also has models for more people if this unit seems small. Overall, this sauna is a top choice and an excellent value for any home.

2. Golden Designs Maxxus 2

If you are looking for an infrared unit, this might be the best home sauna for your needs. The first thing you notice is the sophisticated red cedar. The manufacturer uses wood from Canada to ensure this product is eco-friendly. You'll find a solid inner frame in the planks for added stability. The tempered glass door and side windows feature a bronze tint. It fits the overall design and ensures you have the necessary privacy inside the sauna.

This high-quality product is impressively light and only weighs 275 pounds. That makes the installation process easier. The sauna combines near-infrared and far IR technology. You'll find four carbon panels that have a near-zero EMF. The two near-infrared elements bring the total heater number to six. It ensures maximum efficiency while securing the product operates at temperatures higher than 140F.

Once you enter the sauna, you'll find it has enough room for two people. They can feel comfortable while enjoying the generous space available. The interior chromo-therapy lighting is a nice touch. It contributes to relaxation and stress relief. The exterior light with accents ensures the product looks great from the outside.

It's easy to control Golden Designs Maxxus 2. You'll find a panel with a LED display that you use to adjust all desired settings. There's no learning curve, and you should feel comfortable using it immediately.

The sauna has an integrated radio with Bluetooth speakers. There's an MP3 auxiliary, and you'll also find SD and USB connections. It's more than enough to load the desired music or other content you want to listen to during treatments. That's another proof Golden Designs exceeds all user expectations in providing ultimate comfort.

3. Enlighten Sapphire 3

The premium product quality makes this a strong candidate for the best sauna for home treatments. This eco-friendly product uses genuine Western Canadian red cedar. You'll find it in the inner and outer sections. The construction quality is impressive. That's easy to confirm with the product's weight of 775 pounds. It might make the installation a bit tricky, but you can rest assured you get a stable and durable unit.

Enlighten Sapphire 3 is a hybrid sauna with eight heaters.  This manufacturer acquires the electrical units from Harvia to ensure maximum performance. As for infrared heaters, the product uses full-spectrum options to ensure adequate efficiency. The mixture of near and far IR covers the range from zero to 12 microns.

The control panel guarantees simple setting adjustments.  You can set the heat level up to 149F, and timer up to an hour. During the session, you have many entertainment options. If you don't feel like listening to the radio, you can use an MP3 or USB port to play music, podcasts, etc.

Those who used Enlighten saunas before might find this unit familiar. That's because it's the compact version of the Sierra series. This unit favors seclusion, which can be important for an indoor sauna. If you appreciate privacy, this product is an excellent choice.

4. Golden Designs Dynamic Heming Corner Sauna

You might have problems securing enough room for a sauna. If every inch matters, Golden Designs Dynamic Heming is a perfect option. That's because this is a corner sauna, which is a true space saver.

The compact design is most visible in the smallest option that accommodates two persons. Despite the corner placement, there's enough room inside. Both users will feel relaxed and enjoy maximum comfort.  The unique inner color lighting system will contribute to stress relief during treatments.

It's nice the manufacturer wasn't cheap when it comes to heaters. You'll find seven – two per rear wall, a couple under the bench, and one on the floorboard. That ensures the warmth comes from all sides, which is important for optimal efficiency. Dynamic Heming uses far infrared technology and doesn't have conventional heaters. According to the company, that secures 30% improvement in energy efficiency.

The sauna construction is impressive. You'll find double panels for walls and high-quality Hemlock wood. The tempered glass on doors and windows is of high quality. You'll also notice it's clear, which doesn't make privacy the strongest suit of this unit. However, that could be irrelevant for those using it at home.

While the installation process will require some effort, you can place the unit anywhere. Whether you want it in the bathroom or on the carpet in the living room, it will work smoothly. The rustic design will ensure it looks great, especially if you activate the outdoor accent lighting.

5. TheraSauna TS6439 Far Infrared Sauna

This sauna is a premium unit that can accommodate an entire family. Although there are compact variants, large TheraSauna options provide better value for money. It's an excellent option for luxury homes where you often have guests or big families.

TS6439 is a far infrared sauna with each detail carefully planned. It all starts from durable aspen hardwood construction. The material is hypo-allergenic and non-toxic. It's also solid and durable for excellent longevity. You'll notice a warm mahogany finish on the outside. The modern tempered glass door contributes to the overall design well.

Heaters are the strongest suit of this product. You'll find 12 TheraMitters, which this company patented. They have an impressive radiant efficiency rating and constant infrared emission. This sauna comes with a computer system that ensures the micron level always remains at 9.4. It's the optimal range for maximum efficiency and penetration into the human skin.

The sauna has all the necessary certifications, including CE and ETL. You can pick from flat or curved reversible benches. The controls offer a touchscreen panel that's easy to use. You can adjust the desired settings up to seven days in advance. The price tag is a bit high, but there's no doubt that TheraSauna created a fantastic premium product.

6. Golden Designs Dynamic Barcelona Elite Sauna

This budget-friendly gym is an excellent choice for all those looking for maximum value. It's also great if you don't have much room available. The product's dimensions are 77x39x36 inches, and it doesn't get more compact than that. Those measurements guarantee maximum comfort for a single person. The product doesn't have the required spaciousness for two users unless they aren't that tall.

Golden Designs stayed true to its preferred material for this sauna. They picked Canadian hemlock wood and placed glass doors and windows. There's no tint on the glass, which doesn't contribute to those who want seclusion.

It's the heaters where the Dynamic Barcelona Elite Sauna dominates. The unit has six infrared panels with ultra-low EMF. That number ensures this compact product gets to the desired temperature swiftly. The maximum heat level goes above 140F, and it's easy to adjust it to preferred settings. The sauna comes with an integrated MP3 auxiliary. You can play the music via a couple of speakers inside the unit. 

What Type of Sauna Is Best for a Home?

You have two basic sauna types – traditional and infrared. The first uses classic heaters that warm up the air. IR units use heaters that penetrate into your skin to deliver the desired effects. 

Any of these two categories are suitable for a home. That's why your focus is on personal preference. Here are some valuable considerations:

  • User number. If the plan is that only you will use the sauna, there's no need for a large unit. But if you want the product to accommodate four or more persons, you need an adequate size.

  • Dimensions. Once you pick a suitable user number, make sure you have enough room to place the sauna. Check the planned location and compare the dimensions with the desired product. It will confirm you can put it in that spot.

  • Design. The sauna should fit your décor. You'll probably keep this unit for years, which means it should match the overall area design. Due to its large size, a sauna can even be a focal point of a room.

What Is the Healthiest Type of Sauna?

Far infrared and traditional saunas both have similar health benefits. Some prefer IR units because they send heat directly into your skin. These users believe it's a better way of achieving the desired effect. Alternatively, traditional products heat up the air. That warmth allows you to experience the promised benefits of an in-home sauna.

It might be smart to go with a hybrid unit. That ensures the best from both categories. You get a mixture of classic and infrared heaters that ensure optimal sauna efficiency.


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Is a Home Sauna Worth It?

Saunas are not cheap, but they are long-term purchases. The investment value comes down to whether you plan to use it regularly. Here is a quick reminder of this product's benefits:

  • Pain relief
  • Stress management
  • Cardiovascular health and immune booster
  • Clearing lungs and airways

For people with certain health conditions, spending time in a sauna can be of great significance. It can have a positive effect on your long-term well-being. If you are serious about using this product, it can be a smart investment.

Final Thoughts

Did you find your favorite home sauna yet? The initial consideration is picking between a traditional electrical or electrical unit. If you can't decide, hybrid saunas are an excellent choice. They are the latest market trend that offers the best for both worlds.

From there, consider your preference. Do you plan to use the sauna alone or with others? Where will you place the unit, and how does it fit the décor? Once you pick the right sauna, you can reap its benefits for years while boosting your health and well-being!

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