Ultimate Guide On Using Steam Shower In 2021

Ultimate Guide On Using Steam Shower In 2021

Are you feeling left out with the steam shower trend? Well, joining the drift is not the only reason you should find out about it. Everyone is going all out to add this facility to their home for a goal. This purpose is what you should unravel. Steam bathing units offer tons of health and therapeutic benefits. It helps you to integrate a spa feeling into your home. 

You can use steam bathing units in commercial areas like spas and fitness centers. It is also probable to infuse it into your home bathroom. Either way, using vapor showers is easy and beneficial when you know what to do. This guide contains all you have to know about this facility. It answers questions about how it works, cost, installation, and benefits. Let's start by helping you understand a vapor bathing unit's actual concept. Stay active by following this detailed piece!

What Is A Steam Shower And How Does It Work?

A steam bathing unit is a humidifying bathroom. It uses vapor for a bath instead of regular cold or warm water. In other words, it is a bathroom that allows you to bathe using the vapor shower. 

The humid bathing unit concept started in ancient Rome as a vapor bath. The Roman Empire enjoyed the steam from various springs beneath the ground. They also created warm mist by heating materials in a room and adding water. 

The steam temperature in this shower bathroom cannot damage the skin. Instead, it opens up pores and aids breathability. Likewise, it penetrates the skin to activate organs and give therapeutic effects. 

The warm, humid shower temperature ranges from 110 to 120o F. The heat might not be as high as traditional saunas. But it is high enough to give beneficial effects. You can regulate the warmth within this range and select heat that suits your needs.  

How Does The Vapor Shower Work? 

The steam bath shower uses a simple technique. Below are points on this bathing unit’s mechanism of action;

  • Most facilities have a digital control system that can help you trigger the valve. This valve then ejects a suitable amount of cold water into the generator. 
  • Next, the vapor generator then boils the water to produce steam. This machine typically contains a pipe that channels the steam into the enclosure.
  • The tube does not release the vapor without proper regulation. It only ejects the steam into the showerhead or dispersal head. It stays there until you push another control that releases moisture into the shower enclosure.
  • You can also regulate how the steam gets out of the showerhead. 

A vapor shower unit must be a complete package before functioning properly. It has several parts that come as one to structure a functioning unit. These parts are necessary features, and they include; 

  •       Humid shower generator 
  •       Construction materials that prevent heat and vapor escape 
  •       Audio and video output 
  •       Foot massagers 
  •       Aromatherapy/Chromatherapy/Hydrotherapy 

The vapor generator is the heartbeat of a humid shower. It is responsible for steam production. And this steam is the backbone of every other thing in the shower. 

Also, shower units use construction materials that conserve steam and vapor. They prevent heat from escaping, and they are not vulnerable to damage. Examples of suitable buildup materials are tiles, fiberglass, concrete, and marble. Avoid wood and other materials that can hold up moisture. Non-porous materials like porcelain are also suitable. 

Audio and video outputs in the shower will keep you company. It will help you enjoy your steam bathing session. Examples of audio outputs in the humid shower include radios, MP3 players, and CD players. 

Foot massagers are additional features that improve the benefits you get from your shower. It helps to bring a spa feeling into your home. This feature also complements hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, and chromatherapy. 

General Benefits of Using Steam Bathing Units

The popularity and application of steam bath showers are increasing in recent times. Besides the fact that it is a significant upgrade to your home, it has loads of benefits. These gains explain why many people are ready to make this worthy health investment. 

Are you curious about these advantages? Here you go! 

Benefits for the Skin

  • Steam from showers opens nasal passages and prevents congestions.
  • It offers temporary relief for various respiratory and breathing disorders.
  • Steam helps soothe the throat and loosen bronchial secretions. 
  • Vapor from the shower can function as a natural expectorant.
  • Steaming helps to lubricate, hydrate, and rejuvenate the skin.
  • It helps to expose skin pores and aid breathability. 
  • Humid bathing gives the skin a healthy glow and helps with moisturizing. 
  • It allows better penetration of vitamins, minerals, and other skin treatments.
  • A warm vapor shower helps clean up the skin and improve its appearance.

Physical Fitness and Wellness 

  • Steam bath sessions strengthen your body's blood circulation. 
  • It relaxes and eases muscles and joint pains.
  • Warm bathing heat is an excellent way to eliminate stress and recover from fatigue. 
  • It helps to break down the lactic acid that can cause muscle soreness.
  • Vapor shower sessions improve muscle flexibility and reduce stiffness.
  • It helps you reduce body mass by elevating the body’s metabolism. 
  • Steaming helps you to get over insomnia and boost natural sleep patterns. 
  • Humid shower bathing with therapy is a good mood booster. 
  • It reduces tension and facilitates soothing sleep.

Holistic Health 

  • Vapor bathing helps the body eliminate toxins and other heavy chemicals.
  • It relieves the symptoms of joints and muscle-related pains.
  • Steam sauna shower improves the immune system and heart function. 
  • It helps to regulate blood pressure by dilating blood vessels and nerves.

Environmental and Other Benefits 

  • Humid shower units use less water compared to a cold or warm bath.
  • It helps conserve space because you can add it to your existing bathroom.
  • It is quite easy to operate.
  • A commercial steam sauna shower is an excellent place to meet people. 
  • Steam room in the house saves you the stress of visiting a spa or other similar facility.

Can a Vapor Shower Be Used as a Regular Shower? 

One of the most intriguing things about the vapor shower unit is that it is flexible. It can function as a bathtub and shower. You can use this facility as a regular hot or cold shower. 

You can include a steam generator in your regular bathroom to create a humid shower. You don't have to create a separate unit or space in your home. Adding this new feature does not mean it will stop performing its initial role. 

If you don't want a steam bath, then you won't have to push the control for it. Without this regulator, the valve will not trigger cold water injection into the steam generator. So, you can gain from your regular shower as well. 

Even when you create a separate space for your vapor shower, you can still use it as a regular shower. This function makes it easy to take frequent breaks from a steam bath. It also allows you to enjoy the full benefits of the shower. 

What is Needed for a Vapor Shower? 

The humid shower does not have any special requirements. All you need in this facility are;

  • Space 
  • Construction materials 
  • Suitable installation services 
  • Other accessories 
  • Suitable budget 


One of the principal needs for a vapor shower is space. You might not worry much if you have an existing bathroom in your home (of course you should have!). You can integrate a humid shower into the bathroom. 

Alternatively, you can create a distinct area for the vapor bathing unit. This option might require extra cost and stress. You will have to ensure that this space is suitable and ideal for integrating your shower. 

Construction Materials

Construction materials are only essential when developing your steam bathroom from scratch. The best elements for building vapor showers are non-porous elements. They should also be able to withstand steam, moisture, and heat. 

Some of the best shower supplies are fiberglass, concretes, marbles, and tiles. You can also use other non-porous components like porcelain. Avoid elements that can withhold moisture, like wood. 

But you might not need to go through this if you are getting an already made steam bathing unit. These products are ready for installation, and they use suitable materials for their construction. All it requires is to install it in your allocated space. 

Suitable Installation Services

You can build your humid shower from scratch or buy an already made facility. Either way, you will require professional installation services to fix it up. You would need a steam pipe fitter and an electrician. 

Other Accessories

Most accessories you include in your steam room ensure comfort. You can install foot massagers, hydrotherapy, and aromatherapy. Audio and video outputs are also valuable inclusions to your shower. 

You won't have to stress yourself to acquire these inclusions for an already made facility. You might only have to pay extra attention to it when building from scratch. 

Suitable Budget

Everything you want to do in your vapor shower boils down to the cost. All aspects of a steam bathing unit acquisition from construction through installation require a specific price. 

The size and quality of your shower will affect the estimate. So, it is best to have your budget in mind before deciding. 

How Long Do You Stay In A Humid Shower?

Your steam bathing sessions depend more on the quality of time spent. The steaming period's length is not a direct reflection of the number of benefits you will get. So, it is best to figure out the optimal time that will help you to get the best from this facility. 

How long you can stay in a vapor shower depends on your experience level. It can also depend on temperature and your desired results. Your health status is a major determining factor too. 

Beginners should use the shower for only 5 to 10 minutes. Your body should gain deep heat penetration during this period. More experienced users can extend their steaming time to 20 or 25 minutes. 

Do not exceed 25 minutes in a single steaming session, particularly at high temperatures. Once you start feeling the heat rise in your body, you are good to go. Breaking out into entire body sweats typically happens in the first 5 to 10 minutes. This breakout means you are ready to go! 

The longer stay is only for getting additional impact but don't overstay. Excessive time in a vapor shower can cause dehydration and heatstroke. It can also cause dizziness and general body weakness. 

Do Steam Bathing Units Need To Be Vented?

Ventilation is an essential part of any room, and your steaming room in the house is not an exception. It is vital to allow proper air exchange when the facility is not in use. Proper oxygenation is essential for creating fresh steam. 

Proper aeration is also essential during the cleaning process of a vapor shower. It allows good air circulation and prevents odor. Also, it limits the growth of microorganisms like molds and bacteria. 

But the use of vents is not applicable during steaming. Using vents while warming will reduce heat efficiency. It will also amplify the workload on your steam generator. So, the best time to use vents is during cleaning. 

How Much Does It Cost To Put In A Vapor Shower?

The cost of setting up a humid shower should be one of your primary considerations. The monetary estimate of putting in a humid bathing unit differs, depending on some factors. 

One of the leading pointers that affect a vapor shower's cost is the size. For instance, you cannot compare the price of a 2 person shower to 4 or 5 persons. Another factor is the quality and construction type you want to choose. 

But on average, the cost of a humid shower should be between the ranges of $1500 to $10,000. With this budget, you can get a vapor shower in your home regardless of type and quality. This estimate covers everything about putting in a steam bathing unit, including the installation. 

Also, keep in mind that the priciest product is not always the best product. This rule also works the other way. So, it is best to figure out what you want in a humid shower and shoot for it. 

You don't have to break the bank to secure the best option to suit your needs. The real deal is getting a high value for your money. Ensure that you get your product or construction materials from reliable sources. Also, only engage professional and trusted installation services. 

Factors to Consider Before Installing a Steam Bathing Unit

The decision to install a vapor shower in your home is one of the many things you need to do. You need to keep in mind some key pointers before bringing in your facility. These factors will aid you in getting the best from your installation. It will also help you cut costs, save stress, and enhance safety. These points include; 

  • Size of the steam bathing enclosure enclosure 
  • Budget and expected cost 
  • Power source and location of steam generator 
  • Where to buy and how to install
  • Space and existing condition of your home 
  • Comfort, quality, and durability of your preferred option 
  • Construction materials and appearance 
  • Potential number of users and intended purpose

The Dos, Don'ts, and General Tips for Using a Steam Bathing Unit 

Steam bathroom showers are valuable health investments. They have loads of benefits that make it worth its cost. Besides, it is one of the most significant upgrades you can include in your home.

But you can only get the best of this health facility when you use it the right way. Aside from this, it will mitigate risk and enhance durability. The etiquettes will help you act right in a steam sauna shower. 

Here are some basic etiquettes and general tips for using a vapor shower;

  • Avoid eating large meals before your steaming sessions. 
  • Drink enough water before (and during) your steaming session to avoid dehydration. 
  • Avoid tight and heavy clothing. Nudity is the best way to go. So, it is best to expose your body as much as possible. 
  • Do not overstay in the steam bathing unit to avoid detrimental effects. 
  • Take a quick shower and some starches before starting your steaming session.
  • Do not leave the door or window of your vapor shower open during your steaming session. 
  • Avoid shaving, grooming, or combing your hair in the shower. 
  • Clean your facility regularly to prevent dirt and the growth of harmful microorganisms. 
  • Do not litter the steam bathing unit enclosure with any type of waste. 
  • Keep your voice down and avoid disturbing others in a commercial space. 
  • Avoid making direct body contact with various surfaces in the facility. 
  • Stay away from alcohol, caffeine, and other dehydrating food intakes. 
  • Exit the steam room once you feel tired, dizzy, or exhausted.
  • Don't go into the humid shower with your phone and other gadgets. 
  • Do not use the steam room if you are using certain medications. This exclusion includes those taking recreational drugs.

Potential Side Effects of Using a Steam Bathing Unit

There is no doubt about the immense benefits of vapor showers. But like every other health facility, it has its shortcomings. Although these side effects are minimal and avoidable, they are noteworthy. 

Some of the side effects of steaming include;

  • Heatstroke 
  • Dehydration
  • Hypotension or low blood pressure 
  • The steam bathing units’ heat might not be high enough to kill certain bacteria. So it increases their numbers. 

The bad news is that using a vapor shower has potential side effects. The great news is that these side effects are minimal and avoidable. You can mitigate these aftereffects when you use this facility the right way. 

Prepare your body and avoid overstaying in the shower. Do not move directly from steaming to a cold shower. This quick transition will do more harm than good to your body. Also, you don't have to use the facility every day. You must know the right time to avoid the shower. Stay away from the humid bathing unit  if; 

  • You are pregnant or hoping to conceive soon.
  • You have underlying health conditions or using medications.
  • Those that have wounds and cuts.
  • You are preparing for surgery or just completed one.
  • Immune compromised, sick, or recovering from illness.
  • Diabetic or have low blood pressure. 
  • Your body has problems with heat and temperature regulation. 

Other Safety Tips In the Vapor Bathing Unit 

Besides the precautions above, there are other safety tips to note in the steam room. Of course, these points will reduce your vulnerability to risks and side effects. It will also make your steaming experience accident-free. These guides are;

  • Use proper insulation for all-electric materials in the humid shower.
  • Use anti-slip or anti-skid materials for your sauna floors. 
  • Do not spend extended time in the steam room. 
  • Exit the shower unit when you feel tired, dizzy, or weak.
  • Follow essential steam sauna tips, rules, dos, and don'ts.


A steam shower is a valuable health investment. It is also a quality addition and upgrades to a home. You can also use steam rooms in outdoor spaces like spas if you don't want to install them in your home. Either way, you will get loads of benefits from this facility if you use it the right way. Getting it right with a steam bathing unit starts from knowing what to look for when buying till its application. And with this guide, you can never go wrong using this resource. 

Steam room cost is worth every dime. But certify that you get a quality product or construction materials from reliable sources. Ensure you get the best vapor shower facility and use it the right way. Enjoy one of the best recreational feelings ever, and feel free to share your experience!

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