How To Remove Odors Or Smells In Your Steam Sauna For Bathroom?

Occasional odors and smell are among the problems you might face with steam sauna. Remember that you constantly remove body dirt in the sauna room. Although you could try hard to clean it, there might still be remnants of this dirt. These leftovers can cause the sauna to smell when they accumulate. The moist air in the bathroom can amplify this odor. 

A steam sauna requires proper cleaning and regular maintenance. But this might not be enough to shutout odors from your bathroom. So, how do you remove these smells when they arise? This guide contains details of eliminating odors from the steam sauna. You will also find out the likely reason why your steam sauna for bathroom smells. Stay active to learn more about this!

4 Super Effective Ways to Remove Odors in a Steam Sauna for Bathroom 

Odors in a steam sauna or shower can be very humiliating. The smells can escape from the bathroom and extend to other areas of your home. This release can cause air pollution around the entire house. Now, imagine having to deal with these stenches when you have guests around.

It feels so uneasy, right? This scenario explains why it is best to get rid of the odors beforehand. Besides the fact that the spread of foul smells around the home is embarrassing, it is also unhealthy. 

It doesn't matter how you want to view it; eliminating smells in a steam sauna is crucial. It might prove a hassle when you don't know the right thing to do. But you can beat the stress and clean up all stinks in this guide. 

 Learn how to mitigate the hassle and remove smells effectively with the actions below;

1. Work on The Bathroom's Ventilation 

Ventilation involves the interchange of air amid two spaces. It allows stuffy air to move out while letting in the fresh breeze. You might have to explore this technique to get rid of smells in your steam sauna. 

We all understand that the need for doors and windows in a bathroom is for privacy. But it can mean more in conditions like this. The windows and doors of a sauna are often shut due to the room's nature. 

Lack of proper air movement on its own can cause stuffy and bad smells. Opening the windows and doors will allow proper oxygen exchange. A fresh breeze comes in, and the stuffy air that might cause stinks moves out. 

2. Use Air Fresheners 

Air fresheners influence the general smell of the atmosphere. It induces a pleasant fragrance and masks up the stenches. Quality atmosphere fresheners add scents that shift the environment feeling a step above the ordinary. 

There are different types of air fresheners. You can decide to buy an already made one from convenience stores and outlets. Another option is making a DIY air freshener. 

A homemade air freshener often works best in this case. Besides the fact that it costs less, it is effective even in a smart steam shower. Baking soda and lemon juice are the typical recipes. You can also use various essential oils like lavender and citrus. 

3. Ensure the Cleanliness of Your Steam Sauna At all Times 

Do you wish to have an odorless or good-smelling super shower? Then you have to secure its cleanliness at all times. 

The type of cleaning required for a steam sauna in the bathroom is slightly different from general bathroom cleaning. You might need elements like baking soda and mild vinegar. Besides the fact that these ingredients will ensure proper cleanliness, they will also smell nice. 

Do you know how to clean a steam shower with baking soda? Don’t bother looking further; you will learn all in this guide.

Start by mixing the baking soda with lemon juice in a 50/50 quantity. Ensure the mix's consistency before applying it inside and around your steam sauna. Make sure you focus on areas with dense smells. 

Allow the mix to stay on these for about 15 minutes before introducing your mild vinegar. By this time, the baking soda and lemon juice mix will be dry on these surfaces. Spray it with light vinegar and wipe it off with a wet cloth. 

If you intend to scrub, leave the baking soda mix on the surface for about an hour. Sprinkle water on it to loosen up before scrubbing with a brush. This approach works for smart steam showers and even a stand-up steam shower. 

It does not only clean the bathroom, but it also removes molds. Molds can be an indication of a dirty shower. So, it can cause and amplify stinks in the steam sauna. But scrubbing with baking soda and mild vinegar will eliminate molds in real-time. Wiping with a wet cloth instead will remove the smell and keep your shower clean. 

4. Explore An Air Purifier For Your Space 

An air purifier works by increasing oxygen circulation. It ensures the even distribution of air in your steam sauna. Hence, it gets rid of some stench-causing bacteria in the atmosphere. 

There are different models of air purifiers, and they vary with cost. Although they might be somewhat expensive, they are worth the cost. Besides the fact that they are super effective, they are also easy to use.

But it is essential to keep in mind that an air purifier is a plug-in device. So, take necessary precautions when using it to ensure your safety. 

Why Does My Steam Shower Smell?

There are several reasons why a steam shower might smell. The space of a steam shower is enclosed, limiting ventilation. This condition prevents proper air exchange; it causes stuffiness and leads to stenches. 

The presence of molds and mildews can also result in a smelling steam shower. It is best to look out for growing molds and remove them as soon as possible. 

Lack of proper cleanliness and maintenance of your super steam bath can cause it to smell. Ensure you use suitable methods and cleaning materials to remove dirt. 


Steam sauna for bathrooms is an impressive facility with several benefits. Although it is not very common in a clean space, a steam shower can smell. And when this occurs, a timely response is crucial. A smelling steam sauna will lower its benefits. It will further make it less relaxing and unattractive. 

You can get rid of steam sauna smells with homemade air fresheners. Proper cleaning, removing molds, and air purifiers are also great options. So, when you think about finding a "steam shower for sale near me," consider sustenance too. It is best to get an easy-maintenance steam shower from a reputable source. Don't let smells and odors rob you of your sauna benefits!  

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