Small Yoga Room Ideas and Designs in 2021

Small Yoga Room Ideas and Designs in 2021

Yoga can be done anywhere, but the right environment makes it so much better. It is not only about your physical health, it also lifts you mentally and spiritually. A well-designed small yoga room can help you hit all your fitness goals. Whether you want to set up a heated yoga room, or a simple room for meditation, you can do it quite easily. 

If you are here looking for inspiration for the best yoga room, you are in the right place. Here is a complete guide to set up your small yoga room. Make sure to research what type of yoga you are going to do in your yoga space before moving forward. 

The Yoga Room Design

  • Upgrade existing furniture and design into something fresh
  • Consider yoga studio decorating ideas that are applicable for offices
  • Transform your room into an office space that increases peace and reflection.
  • Make the interior bright, airy, and colorful.

Yoga Room Designing Ideas

  • Decor is Important

Pulling up right and necessary decor items is somehow important to set a mood. But, make sure to keep it simple and nice. Be minimalist with your decor, and don’t fill it up with unnecessary stuff to clutter up your space. Keep in mind that yoga is all about self-care, so choose things wisely to make them reflect just like you. 

Start with choosing calming colors. After that, add dim lights to illuminate it. You add hangings, artwork, and motivational quotes. Also, if you prefer practicing in front of a mirror, you can add one too. As a beginner, using a mirror in your studio helps you with the right yoga poses. 

  • Color Scheme

When it comes to colors, you should go for soft and mild tunes because they look more pleasant to your eyes. Even if you are a fan of sharp and bright colors, you better use them for yoga space. Try not to use a lot of colors, instead just stick with one or a combination of two. You can go for light colors, such as blush pink or deep purple.

If you know color psychology, you can understand the effect of different colors on your mood and emotions. Colors have the power to trigger certain emotions in you. Every color has its energy and you should use them carefully. Moreover, every person has different color preferences, and you should also keep this in mind.

  • Go for Minimalistic Designs

Keep minimalistic designs in mind, especially for the small yoga room. Keeping it simple and minimalism is the best way to achieve yoga goals. Remove all the clutter and electronics to focus better. Don’t try to fill up space as you can use crystals and light up a few candles to make an ideal environment.

You can also use aromatherapy oil to calm your nerves. All these elements will help to create a positive vibe and make your yoga space more inviting. You can also add small decor items to keep you inspired and motivated throughout your yoga journey. 

  • Add some Plants

To bring greenery and more natural elements to your yoga space, there is nothing better than plants. It will not only help you to improve your mood but also bring in the fresh air. Besides that, they have the energy to transform the whole environment. You can add spider plants, sansevieria, and parlor palms as they are ideal for placing in a yoga room. Also, try practicing yoga in the daylight, as it will beautify your yoga experience. 

  • Don’t go for Perfections

You don’t have to make your yoga room look like those incredible images on Pinterest. Don’t stress yourself over perfection because you don’t need this. You are just creating comfort space for yoga, not a picture-perfect yoga room to put on social media. 

Most people spend a lot of money on a thing that they don’t actually need, so you have to be mindful about what you are choosing and if you need this or not. For beginners, it is recommended to just buy essentials, make your space look nice, and start doing yoga.

  • Space

Choosing your yoga space matters a lot. Ideally, you need a 6x6 area to set up a comfortable yoga space. To avoid yoga exhaustion, try to set up your yoga space near the window or in the ventilated space. Don’t practice yoga in the TV lounge or any other busy area of the home to avoid distractions. You need space that is super peaceful and calming so you can focus on your yoga poses. If you live in a studio apartment or don’t have a quiet space, you can use your bedroom. Put your yoga mat beside your bed and start practicing. 

  • Don’t need Absolute Silence

It is good to perform yoga in a comfortable and less destructive environment. But you should not worry about absolute silence. It is normal to let the outside voices come in. As far as it is not very noisy, it can go along with minor sounds coming your way. The idea of having a noise-free environment is not realistic and it is not required. You might have noticed that many yoga studios perform yoga practices in outdoor spaces. Different types of sounds (not too noisy) can be heard during sessions. The professional yoga instructors would guide you to cancel out the sounds, instead of creating a full silent environment.

Things to keep in mind while setting up a yoga studio

  • Find a comfortable space

Just go with space where you love to spend time. It can be your garden, balcony, bedroom, etc. Your yoga room should look good to your eyes and feel inviting. Design your yoga room in a way that gives you a professional feeling. You can go with scented candles, oil diffusers, plants, or anything that makes you feel good. Never mind keeping your personal stuff around. That would help you create a sense of belonging to space. Yes, you should feel an attachment to space. You can put your favorite books around or do some reading before starting yoga.

  • Keep Everything Within Your Reach

If you are a beginner, you probably don’t know much about yoga equipment. Other than the yoga mat, there are many other accessories you may need in your yoga room. Any sort of props, such as blankets, cushions, water bottles, should be reachable. Anything you are using up for your yoga should be at your arm’s reach, so you don’t have to move around to get the stuff. Even if you are using up a spacious area for yoga, try to minimize the stuff and be minimalistic.

  • Relaxed Environment

While doing yoga, the environment around you matters the most. The area has to be peaceful and create a sense of harmony. Most people don’t have a dedicated yoga space in their homes, so they can do it anywhere they find peace. As we know that yoga is not just good for your physical health, but it also improves your mental well-being. In yoga, along with different poses, yogis also do breathing practice that requires silence and peace. If the environment around you is peaceful, it would evoke a feeling of peace in you and soothe your senses.

  • Air Quality

Open spaces are always more preferred for yoga, but there should be no noise. Nothing is better than creating your yoga space near the garden area or balcony to breathe some fresh air during yoga. As we know that breathing practice is very important. Having a good quality of air would improve your yoga practice. If you are already doing yoga in a congested space, you must instantly shift to an open-air area. You will feel a noticeable difference when you are doing yoga in a ventilated space with good quality air coming around.

  • Ensure Comfort & Privacy

Yoga is your “me time”, and you should do it in complete comfort and privacy. Yoga is more effective when you do it alone. Although people are used to doing combined yoga at yoga studios, you will see the difference when you do it at your home privately. The yoga room has to be comfortable and private, so you can spend some time with yourself. 

  • See Pinterest Images

Pinterest has over 100+ images on yoga room ideas in 2021. You may find something that suits your taste and mood. All the designs there are latest and startling. The room ideas may require some heavy investment but they are a great value to your money.

  • Add Some Spa Features

If your budget is not too tight, try some bells and whistles. It's like a home sauna for some post-workout detoxing. It will allow an easy transition to the edgy concrete materials used in the adjacent space.

Try Zen Yoga Room Ideas
  • Yellow Sofa
  • Watercolor Rug
  • Floor Lamp
  • Blue Vases
  • Peaceful Artwork

You will get a peaceful yet engaging design while following the zen yoga room designs. 

Setting up yoga heated room

Yoga is not just one type. There are different types of yoga practiced by people all around the world. All you have to do is to figure out what goes best with your physical and mental needs. You might have heard about hot room yoga. It is a well-known yoga type that you can do in a yoga heated room. You will let your body sweat more by creating a hot environment. For this yoga, you should choose a closed space to increase the temperature and do yoga while sweating your body. 

What is a type of yoga done in a heated room?

Different types of yogas are done in a heated room. With so many options for hot yoga, you need to choose the right fit for you. It is because yoga is an individual practice, so yoga can’t be right for everyone. So, let us guide you through all hot yoga types. Hopefully, it will help you choose the right fit for your lifestyle:

  1.  Bikram Yoga: Developed by Bikram Choudhury in the 1970s. He pieced together 26 yoga poses and copyrighted them that he believed to heal your body and body. Yoga heated room is a must, and the studio is set at 105 degrees to sweat more and find more flexibility. This yoga lasts for around 90 minutes. Moreover, it is done in complete silence.
  2. Hot power yoga: This hot yoga is somehow an umbrella term for all types of yoga practices. It has roots in the tradition-based Ashtanga style. Unlike other yoga types, this yoga doesn’t have specific poses or styles. It is also done in a yoga heated room where the temperature is set anywhere between 85 to 100 degrees. Also, you can enjoy soothing music while doing this yoga. If you want to try something different in every yoga class, then this yoga is for you. 
  3. Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga: Baron Baptiste develops this yoga variant. It is a bend of several yoga styles that includes Iyengar, Bikram, and Ashtanga. The temperature is set at almost 90 degrees to try several poses. 

To set up a yoga heated room, smaller rooms are the best. All you need is a dedicated room and infrared heaters to raise the temperature. If you are OK with custom yoga rooms, you can choose that too for hot yoga practice. They are quite reliable and designed to provide the best yoga experience. 


Above were the most trending small yoga room ideas that you can follow to design your yoga space. Just a little bit of research and consideration will lead to having the best yoga studio. Follow this guide to make your small yoga space more peaceful and comfy. 

One of the best yoga room ideas for a heated yoga room is a custom yoga room. If you feel comfortable practicing yoga in rooms, you may check for sale yoga rooms to guide your decision. Besides, it is a cost-effective solution that motivates you to spend time in your yoga space. Do yoga to keep your mind’s harmony at its best.

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