Small Steam Shower VS Small Sauna: Which is Better For Your Health?

Small Steam Shower VS Small Sauna: Which is Better For Your Health?

Are you stuck with choosing between a small steam shower and a small sauna? Or do you confuse the two categories? Either way, you aren’t alone. The discussion about which is superior between a sauna and a steam shower is a heated one. The two use the same concept of therapeutic heat. But they vary in their level of hotness based on heat source and functionality. 

It is best to understand the model of each type of heat room. Knowing this will aid your selection. This guide makes a comparative evaluation between the steam shower and a sauna. To gain all the key points, keep reading!

What is A Sauna?


A sauna is a small heated room, and it usually has wood as its dominant construction material. Saunas operate at a high temperature using dry radiation. 

It uses a dry heat source to raise the room’s warmth. The rocks, wood, and other dry elements of the facility help with the heat dispersal. The temperature of a sauna is usually between 150 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The primary radiation sources in a sauna are gas, wood, electrical sources, or infrared technology. The sauna's heat is usually dry, but you can create humidity. Creating humidity means adding water to the room to make it moist. But the moisture level ranges between 10 to 30%. 

What Is A Steam Shower? 

A steam shower is also a small heated room but at a lower temperature than saunas. It uses humid heat that operates at a temperature between 100 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. The humidity level is often at 100% or somewhere close.

It uses a wet heat source and pumps steam into the room. This technique creates moisture in the room air and raises the temperature. 

Small Steam Shower VS Small Sauna: The Big Difference 

It is common for people to use the terms sauna and steam shower without differentiating. They are not entirely out of context because both rooms use similar techniques. 

The two types allow you to take a seat in a small intense room to enjoy therapeutic effects. You will also get to enjoy many health merits. Most of these benefits are mutual with both rooms, but some are distinct. 

The primary dissimilarity between a sauna and a hot shower is humidity and temperature. A sauna offers dry heat, mostly from hot rocks or a sealed stove. Even if you try to create humidity in a sauna, it will stay between 10% to 30% at most.

But, the steam sauna has a high humidity level. The moisture in the room is typically near 100%. The heat is from a generator full of steaming water. So, creating a moisturized atmosphere does not require any extra effort. 

Also, the temperature range in the two rooms varies. The heat in a sauna is typically around 150 to 200F. This heat is high compared to a steam shower, which operates between 110 to 1200F. 

Other Notable Differences Between Compact Steam Shower and Small Sauna

Besides humidity and temperature, there are other notable differences between these two rooms. Let’s have a quick highlight at some of the noteworthy contrasts;

1. Construction 

The construction materials in the sauna and steam shower differ because of heat type. The sauna uses ideal woods because of the higher temperature and lower humidity. 

The steam shower uses waterproof materials. These items include ceramics tiles, glass blocks, and non-porous materials. Some luxury steam shower sauna use more expensive construction components.  

Are you wondering why woods are not suitable for a steam shower? Woods absorb moisture from the air. So, if you use them in the warm shower, they will pull moisture from the air. 

It is promising to have a steam bathroom at home. You can also integrate it into your typical shower room. The sauna requires a separate space. Steam bath shower units don't have to be separate.

2. Heat Sources 

Saunas use a dry warmth source, while steam showers use moist heat. The sauna heater does not use moisture, unlike a steam shower. It is usually a traditional stove in a secure place. Some types of saunas use infrared technology to generate radiation.

A steam shower uses a customized generator that pumps steaming water. The machine is inside the shower, unlike the sauna heater outside.

The heat type and heater also influence the two rooms' temperature. The sauna's level of warmth is higher than in the steam sauna. A compact steam shower operates between 110 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Benefits of Using a Steam Shower 

The steam shower has many advantages that make it a worthy health investment. Some of the prominent gains you can get from a steam shower include; 

  •       It aids in effective blood circulation.
  •       Steam shower heat can mitigate stress and enhance body recovery.
  •       It mends the exterior and functioning of the skin.
  •       Assists in weight loss and helps with calorie burn.
  •       Steam showers loosen stiff joints, lower pains, and revitalize the skin.
  •       It helps to lower blood pressure.
  •       A steam shower helps to open your sinuses.
  •       It aids respiratory function and helpful in clearing congestions.

Benefits of Using a Sauna 

The key benefits of a sauna include;

  •       Help to improve blood circulation.
  •       Sauna bathing triggers detoxification of the body.
  •       It aids muscle recovery and offers relief to pains like muscle soreness.
  •       It is helpful for weight loss.
  •       Sauna bathing enhances cardiovascular health and normalizes blood pressure.
  •       Boosts immune response.
  •       Sauna heat helps improve skin glow, open up pores, and cleanse the skin surface. 

Small Steam Shower VS Small Sauna: Difference in Benefits


Saunas and the steam room have lots of common advantages and uses. The slight variation between the two is a result of the heat type. But these distinctions do not make one better than the other. It only diversifies their use. 

The sauna uses dry heat that triggers a natural perspiration process. This action allows the body to sweat. The body releases heavy compounds and toxins unsafe to the human systems. 

Also, a sauna’s heat soothes the skin, and better relaxes the muscles. It further helps to relieve tension and mitigate various types of pain.  

Shower steam uses moist heat. The effect of this is that it avails no chance for sweat release. But it still has its unique benefits. 

Steam heat relieves congestion by opening up the air passage. It eases breathing and enhances oxygen use because it helps open air passages. 

The nature of steam heat also helps you to conserve water. So, you have a minimal risk of dehydration than in the sauna. The moisture also makes it ideal for individuals with dry skin. 

Small Steam Shower VS Small Sauna: Which is Better? 

It is customary to get confused about choosing between these two on a lighter note. But it is not right to pronounce one as superior over the other. Each type of heat room has its benefits, and they suit different people. 

The key is to figure out the type that best works for you. A steam shower will work better for you if you have problems coping with high temperatures. Also, it is an exceptional option for people with dry skin. 

A steam shower will help you get over respiratory problems and nasal congestions. The wet-hot treatment is excellent for asthmatics and bronchitis patients. Stay away from a luxury steam shower sauna if you have low blood pressure.

Another noteworthy point is luxury superior steam shower cost. Its construction materials make the room lightly expensive. 

But shoot for a sauna if you need to do heavy detoxification. It is also the best choice to mitigate pain and relieve muscle tension. Dry heat sessions place you at risk of dehydration but help with detoxification.  

It is ideal for patients suffering from headaches. It even works for more intense pain like a migraine. But stay away from this facility if you have some health issues like hypotension. 


Steam showers and saunas are similar, and some people use them interchangeably. The primary variation is in the humidity and heat type. The sauna uses dry heat at a higher temperature, while the steam shower uses wet heat. But both types offer immense and unique health benefits. It isn't easy to single out the better facility between these options. 

Don't stress yourself over being the judge in this case. Just figure out the ideal option for you and explore. You can search for standard steam bath shower units or make a steam bathroom at home. Either way, the best luxury heat shower or a sauna will boost your health. Be safe and stay healthy! 

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