10 Things To Remember When Buying A Sliding Steam Shower

Do you wish to improve your bathroom function? Or you want to limit your frequent trip to outdoor saunas? Buying a sliding steam shower will put you right on track. This facility can help you transform your bathroom into a multifunctional room. It will become a place to unwind after a stressful and frantic day. And it will be a site for body recovery and therapeutic health effects. 

Installing a home steam shower will not only benefit you to have a pleasant experience. You will also enjoy loads of health gains of healing and wellness. But the real deal is not only about buying a steam shower. It is vital to confirm that this facility meets your demands and is safe. You can only secure the best steam shower for you when you don't forget crucial deciding tips. Let's roll! 

Things to Consider When Buying a Sliding Steam Shower 

Buying a steam shower is an impressive choice. But purchasing the right one that meets your needs will make your decision worth it. 

Your bathroom upgrade must offer maximum health and therapeutic benefits. Also, it must be functional and safe to use. And you should be able to gain these features without going way up with the budget.  

It seems like a hassle, right? There is nothing to be burdened about! The points below will not only help you through the buying process. They are also helpful in identifying the finest option within a rational budget. 

Take a deep breath, digest these points, and remember them when buying a sliding shower. 

1. Understand Your Needs 

Always remember that you will be a frequent user of your steam shower. So, all the factors and features must be in your best interest. Do not compromise your standard and comfort for anything. 

Ask yourself some basic questions like; “Why do I need a steam shower?”, “What do I wish to have in my facility?”, “Are these features comfortable for me?” “Will this facility meet my needs and serve me for a reasonable time?” etc. 

Understanding your needs helps you figure out what you want. So, take enough time to realize the product that meets these demands. Although it might seem a hassle, it will surely be worth it in the end. 

2. The Height Of Your Bathroom Ceiling  

Keep in mind that your sliding shower needs an enclosed space. This demand aids the effective distribution of warmth. Besides, it aids heat conservation and effectiveness. 

The ceiling height is one of the biggest influencers of room space. A higher ceiling in a steam shower means an enormous vacuum for heat to fill. So, it will increase the workload on your heat pump generator. 

The largest ceiling height for your steam shower should be 8ft. Any altitude above this requires a high-rated steam pump generator. This higher rating will help it to heat the room efficiently. 

3. Built-in Sit That Suits Your Comfort 

Time in the steam shower is usually multiple sessions of 10 to 30 minutes each. You don't want to imagine standing all through these periods. Or worse still, to be in an awkward, uncomfortable sitting position for this timeframe. 

The seat in the steam shower should ensure your comfort. It can be slightly sloped to allow you to rest your back. Also, it should permit easy movements of various body parts. 

Some individuals can prefer laying on their back to relax in the steam room. If you love this as well, then go for it! Get a long seat to take your height when you lay on your back. 

In summary, the style of the chair should suit your preference. 

4. The Size Of Your Existing Bathroom 

This point is crucial, except you intend to create a separate unit for your steam shower. The size of your current bathroom must be able to take up this extra feature. So, the dimension of the existing bathroom can affect the incoming shower. 

5. Consider The Safety Features 

Safety should be one of your prime worries while adding any feature to your bathroom. Ensure to play it safe with your additions. The floor, wall, seat, and electrical works are principal considerations. 

The moisture in a bathroom can make it slippery. Adding a steam shower can worsen this condition. So, it is best to use anti-skid strips for your floor. 

Secure all electrical wirings as well. A wet environment aids the conduction of electricity. So, it is ideal to ensure appropriate insulation. 

6. Install Suitable Lighting Features 

The steam shower is not a dark room! In fact, you can consider proper lighting as one of the vital safety features. Also, the protection and mode of installation for the light are vital. 

Protect the lighting in a steam shower from vapor damage. You should protect the connection as well, and naked wires should not run. You can protect it with GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter). This protection helps to shut out power at the slimmest discovery of moisture. 

7. Inspect The Shower's Installation Material 

Construction materials for the steam shower are a crucial point you shouldn’t marginalize! Do you doubt why it is primarily significant? 

The environment of a steam shower is primarily moist. So, you need a material that can hold this moisture for a long time without getting damaged. Also, the supplies should be resilient to heat. 

Similarly, the heat pump generation warms up the atmosphere. Unsuitable materials like wood will absorb this moisture. Some of the best construction elements are ceramics and glass blocks. You can also check for marble, concrete, shale, and granite. 

8. Choose The Best Installer 

Getting the best steam shower is great, but ensuring proper installation is crucial. So, while looking out for the bestseller, look out for the most suitable installer too. 

The connection process includes the location of your generator and other arrangements. Avoid locating the generator in your shower enclosure. Ensure proper ventilation and lighting as well.

9. Your Budget 

 The goal is not to get a low-priced or the most luxurious product. The aim is to catch a high value for money. You don't have to run into debt in a bid to secure a quality product. 

Have your budget in mind when procuring a steam shower. There is always a product for any suitable budget range. It would be best if you never made compromising standards for budget an option. Find the best quality for your price! 

10. Overall Functionality 

The inclusive functionality of your steam shower is crucial. A non-functional steam shower is a pure waste of capital and a problem.

 Inspecting every part and ensuring that they are of desirable quality. But that's not all. Ensure that all these parts will work together. A steam shower's smooth performance depends on the blend of individual parts.

Evaluate the steam generator's rating and ensure that it can serve the room. The construction materials and installation must be in the correct order too. 

What Is The Best Steam Shower To Buy?

The market is overfilled with lots of products. It is understandable if you are confused about the best product to buy. But you can mitigate the hassle when you know what you want. 

The best steam shower to buy offers a high value for money. They use quality materials and are stress-free to install. There are several types of products from various manufacturers. So, it is best to purchase your steam shower from respectable sources and manufacturers. 


A sliding steam shower is a worthy health asset. It has tons of wellness advantages, and it is a significant upgrade to your bathroom. The objective is not merely to acquire a steam shower. The aim is to get a quality option that suits your needs. The best way to achieve this is by figuring out what you want and understanding your needs. 

Remembering the points above is vital to make the best decision. It will be beneficial to acquire a product that gives a matching value for money. Besides, it will ensure it meets your needs and is safe for you. But you can only get the best sliding steam shower from reputable outlets and manufacturers. Make a well-meaning investment today with a small steam shower unit! 







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