Guides On Outdoor Infrared Sauna in 2021

Guides On Outdoor Infrared Sauna in 2021

Activities of modern life can be hectic and demanding. So, it is imperative to check your well-being and unwind using the best approach. Sauna relaxation is one of the best methods to get you back in shape. A session in this facility is enough to change your mental and physical health. So, why deny yourself one?

An infrared sauna is becoming popular due to its benefits. But the only way to get the best of this facility is to get the right one and use it. You will discover all the basics about an outdoor infrared sauna in this guide. You will find answers to questions about its benefits and how to get the best options. Stay active to learn all these points!

What are The Variances between Outdoor and Indoor Infrared Saunas?

Do you know what a dry (infrared) sauna is, or is this your first contact with this term? Either way, an infrared sauna is a small room that emits heat rays. It uses a technology that releases therapeutic heat streams.

There are categories of infrared saunas, and they use different heat sources. Some of them have designs suitable for indoor use, while some are ideal for outdoor usage. The construction and techniques of the two types vary.

Outdoor saunas use distinct wood types and construction materials. These materials help them withstand various conditions like weather. Examples of suitable wood types are hemlock wood and cedarwood.

Also, outdoor saunas use materials that can warm up in cold weather. External conditions affect the sauna and its heat-up time. During extreme cold, these elements ensure proper insulation and optimum power usage. Also, materials for infrared saunas outdoors need low maintenance and are easy to use.

It is best not to mistake an indoor infrared sauna with those outdoors. Indoor sauna rooms have their standards and qualities to suit their purpose. But using them outside can be detrimental. It can result in crack, damage, energy waste, and the facility will be unusable in the long run.

Types of Infrared Saunas

There are different types of infrared saunas, and they use unique heating techniques. The two basic categories of infrared sauna heat types are;

  • Far-Infrared Sauna
  • Near-Infrared Sauna

Near-Infrared Sauna

The near-infrared sauna uses both light and heat therapy. It has an excellent penetrative effect on the body. This type does not discard any of its energy to heat the air around. The air stays at a lower temperature while you get as much heat as you desire.

Far-Infrared Sauna

This infrared sauna type uses a light far-infrared range emission technique. It works on the body using light therapy. The far infrared sauna does not enter the body as the near-infrared sauna type.

The prime reason for the less penetration is the long-range of the far-infrared sauna. Another reason is that it heats the air around the sauna. 80% of the heat from this sauna type goes to the body while the remaining 20% heats the air.

These two reasons give it less infiltration and efficiency than the near-infrared sauna.

In general, both infrared saunas are great and have immense benefits. It is crucial to understand the type you want to choose and use it the right way.

Why Should You Use An Outdoor Sauna?

Infrared saunas for the outdoors are an excellent investment not only for quality. It also has loads of health and mental benefits. Outlined below are highlights of the general benefits of an outdoor dry sauna;

1. Elimination of Body Toxins

Toxins find their way into our bodies through various means. Some of these sources are inevitable, and the only thing to do is cut these contagions. Sauna relaxation can help in the easy elimination of these toxins.

The heat from this heat tub usually generates deep sweating. During this process, the body also gathers toxins from the lymphatic system and gets them out.

2. Helps In General Body Recovery

One of the primary reasons an outdoor sauna is a worthy investment is its effect on body recovery. After the day's hectic activity, it is vital to unwind and recover promptly. 

A sauna session helps in muscle relaxation and provides relief for stress.

The sauna's heat can also trigger serotonin release (the happy hormone). This hormone mitigates stress and accelerates recovery. This substance and other infrared sauna effects also function as massive pain relievers. It can help to soothe various joint pains, including chronic conditions like arthritis.

3. Helps With Skin Rejuvenation

The skin is a vital organ of the body. So, it is crucial to guarantee that it functions adequately. A sauna bath helps create collagen, an essential skin protein. This substance aids the skin’s functionality and appearance.

Sauna baths have anti-aging effects on the skin and prevent wrinkles. It also helps you have clear and tight skin that enhances beauty.

4. Useful For Weight Loss

Are you looking for a passive but effective way to lose weight? Try using an infrared sauna! The sauna heat triggers a similar effect to vigorous exercise. It increases the rate of body metabolism that leads to fat loss. Likewise, it increases the body’s energy demand, leading to calorie burn.

5. Boosts The Body's Immune System

The body offers a protective response to invasions by foreign agents. This feedback remains in the body's memory. So, it helps the body to fight similar future conditions. Sauna heat forces the body to simulate this scenario to boost immune response.

The sauna's deep heat gives the body a similar feeling as fever. It triggers the body to release white blood cells in reaction to this effect. These cells remain in the system, and they fight actual body malfunction in the future.

6. Improved Blood Circulation

Blood distribution is a vital part of human anatomy. Blood carries a lot of crucial substances as it moves around the body. Proper circulation will ensure that these materials get to all essential parts. Infrared saunas boost blood circulation by improving the heart's performance. It increases the heart rate, dilates blood vessels, and ensures smooth flow.

7. Helps You Get A Good Sleep

A sauna session aids in body relaxation and pain easing. In this condition, you can be sure of having a sound sleep. The effect of infrared sauna heat puts the body in good resting conditions. It activates all the crucial body organs necessary to have a good night’s sleep.

Basic Guidelines of Using an Outdoor Dry Sauna

Sauna usage involves identifying and following the right step to gain maximum benefits. There is little variation in utilizing an outdoor and indoor infrared sauna. Below are habits that can aid you in achieving the best out of your facility;

1. Choose The Right Temperature

An infrared sauna has a temperature range (usually between 100 to 140 degrees). You should choose the most suitable temperature for you based on some vital considerations. These considerations include experience level and individual preferences.

If you are a beginner, it is excellent to start with a lower temperature and increase it. It would be wise to explore a few sauna sessions to start and ensure enough break in-between. Using an outdoor dry sauna 2 person or other commercial types requires attention. You should consider the need and tolerance of other sauna users.

2. Wear The Right Clothes

What you wear can make or mar your sauna sessions. Do away with tight clothes because they can close your skin pores. These outfits will prevent the free flow of sweat out of the body. Wear loose dresses like bathing suits. If possible, you can go into the sauna naked!

3. Drink Enough Water

One of the minor side effects of prolonged sauna usage is dehydration. And the only way to stay hydrated is by drinking enough water around your sauna sessions. The body loses water through sweats during this period. So, it would be best to have a way of keeping your body water level intact.

Also, avoid foods and drinks that can trigger dehydration. Stay away from substances like alcohol, caffeine, and smoke.

4. Go In With Your Towel

The best 2-person outdoor sauna will make you sweat, and you would need something to wipe off this sweat. So, it is required that you go in with your towel. If you are using an outdoor infrared sauna 2-person, it might not be a good idea to sit with your bare body.

5. Free Yourself While Using The Sauna

The sauna session is not the time to brood over your problems. It is the moment to free yourself and experience some yoga-like peace. You can meditate for a while, read books, or listen to music.

If you go into an outdoor dry sauna 2-person with your friend, you can have some chit-chats. Besides the ones highlighted above, other essential guidelines to keep in mind include;

  • Avoid heavy meals before your infrared sauna usage.
  • Do not fall asleep during your sauna sessions.
  • Do not shave or do other messy maintenance in a sauna.
  • Stay away from an infrared sauna if you are sick or have certain health complications.
  • Exit the sauna once you feel dizzy or exhausted.
  • Avoid going into the infrared sauna with a sweaty or dirty body.
  • Look out for possible side effects like dehydration, heat exhaustion, and heatstroke.

Why Is Infrared Sauna Bad For You?

The advantages of using an infrared sauna are quite impressive. But like most other facilities for health applications, it has its fair share of side effects. Even though these risks do not mean an infrared sauna is terrible for you, it is crucial to keep them in mind.

Here are some side effects of infrared saunas;

  • Hypotension (low blood pressure)
  • Dehydration
  • Heatstroke, dizziness, and exhaustion
  • Various forms of heart discomfort
  • Irritation of airways and lightheadedness

These side effects are often common in those that don't use saunas the right way. Also, those with underlying health complications are prone to these conditions. It will help if you understand the sauna’s usage methods. And avoid using the sauna alone if you don’t.

You should shun prolonged sauna sessions and drink enough water. Stay away from infrared saunas if:

  • If you are gravid or a nursing mother 
  • If you have any age-related complications 
  • When you are weak, compromise, or have a non-functional immune system
  • If you just completed or are preparing for a surgical process
  • People with opened or exposed cuts and wound
  • Those with complicated heart conditions
  • If your body has problems with heat regulation and homeostasis
  • Those with kidney disease and irregular blood pressure
  • Individuals using certain medications

Is It Safe to Use a Dry Sauna Every Day? 

There is nothing wrong with including sauna sittings in your everyday routine. All that is essential is playing by the practices and obeying the guidelines. In fact, using it every day can improve wellness if you use it the right way. 

Each session’s duration varies depending on needs and experience. Your usage time can also depend on health conditions and fitness level. Not using it every day does not mean you cannot get full benefits. Typically, most people have 30 to 45 minutes sauna periods 3 to 4 times weekly. 

Do Infrared Saunas Give Off Radiation? 

Like most typical electrical devices, infrared saunas give off a level of EMF (Electromagnetic Fields), and it is a form of radiation. But the good news is that an infrared sauna’s radiation is quite different from other electric appliances. 

The infrared waves simulate radiations from sunlight. It differs from those emitted from gadgets like mobile phones, wall clocks, etc. EMF from an infrared sauna is safe and does not pose any high risk. 

Factors to Examine When Buying an Infrared Sauna 

The sauna market is saturated with different products from various manufacturers. When you find outdoor infrared saunas for sale, the goal is to get the best option. 

It is not about buying the cheapest or the most expensive product. It is getting one that suits demands. Also, it must be able to stand the rigor of your application. Listed below are factors to weigh when getting an outdoor dry sauna;

  • Buildup materials and overall quality
  • Cost and budget
  • Design and setup
  • Warranty offer and reliability of manufacturers
  • Individual needs and ease of maintenance
  • Type of technology and heating techniques
  • Level of EMF and other radiation


An outdoor infrared sauna is a good investment due to its benefits. But you can only get maximum gains when you utilize the sauna in the right way. Also, it would be best to learn how to differentiate indoor from outdoor saunas for optimal application. Although infrared saunas have loads of advantages, it is best to know when to stay away from the facility. 

There is no better time to make a worthy health expenditure than now. One of these investments is an outdoor dry sauna. All it requires is to find infrared saunas for sale and opt for the best option. Feel free to explore this guide and have a healthy sauna experience! 

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