Best Office Yoga Room Flooring Designs in 2021

Best Office Yoga Room Flooring Designs in 2021

Yoga is making its way into the workplace now. For a motivational yoga space, you need to focus on furnishing, and flooring designs. Many people prefer to do yoga on the carpet, but no yoga enthusiast will recommend that. It would not be easy to balance on the carpet. Having the proper flooring in your office yoga motivates you to spend some time there. 

Let's find the best flooring design ideas for your office yoga studio.

What is the best flooring for a yoga studio?

No matter what yoga moves you do, you need something durable and moisture-resistant. For consistent yoga practice, you can get custom yoga rooms as they lure you to spend some quality time inside the yoga room. 

Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood provides a combination of hardwood and laminate materials. This amazing flooring type has a solid core made of different wood grains.  Invest once in the premium quality engineered wood and enjoy it for 25-30 years.

This flooring type is also ideal for studio room hot yoga. It is because hot yoga studios temperature is around 105-degrees with 40% humidity. But, the humidity level changes with the number of sweaty people in the studio. So, it would be best if you choose engineered wood. Because it handles slippery surfaces better than hardwood and rubber.

Engineered wood also has the best resale value. It is not only shock-absorbing but has an elegant look. Its construction features a thin layer of hardwood. It is further bonded with a premium plywood layer. If you want to set up a yoga studio at home, you can choose the living room yoga hot option to flush out your body toxins.

Rubber Roll Flooring

Rubber rolls are an excellent yoga room flooring option that can replace the yoga mat. These rolls come in ½ mm and ⅜ mm thickness and offer the ultimate level of resilience for yoga practice. It works best if you do excessive and athletic workouts. You can install it at your office yoga studio as they last for years.

The other best thing about rubber flooring is that they provide traction. So, your feet and hands don’t slip and slide around the floor. At the same time, it provides enough cushion, so you don’t have to use a yoga mat. These rolls are simple to install as you can just glue them down for a permanent installation.

This amazing flooring design is not only affordable but also easy to clean with a damp mop. Ensure that the rubber roll is pH neutral, so the cleaners can’t damage the rubber. It is not recommended to use at hot yoga studios as it takes longer to get dry if it gets wet.

Bamboo Flooring

The use of bamboo is gaining popularity at a fast pace for different reasons. It is very durable and has excellent adsorbent properties. It is woody grass, and that’s why it is non-allergic and good-looking.

This renewable source mimics the qualities of hardwood in several ways. It is quite an eco-friendly option as it produces fewer fumes as compared to hardwood. The best thing about bamboo flooring is that it is cost-effective and easy to install. Furthermore, it is the best option for breathing room yoga flooring.

You can replace your office room flooring and refinish it with bamboo flooring. You clean your studio by brushing or using a damp mop. For scratches, you can use mineral oil and buff it on the rough surface.

Linoleum Flooring

If we talk about Linoleum, it is one of the most smooth and completely renewable flooring options. It is available in several hues and designs. Besides, it doesn’t contain bad chemicals and petroleum products. You can clean it by using a damp mop. 

If you want to install it in a serene yoga studio, a plain color would be best. It doesn’t contain bad chemicals and petroleum products. You can clean it by using a damp mop.

If you are a person with allergies or asthma, then linoleum flooring is the best choice for you. It is because linseed oil prevents the growth of salmonella bacteria and staph. Moreover, due to its all-natural materials, it doesn't react to extreme humidity. You can control it easily by regulating humidity in the studio year-round.

Vinyl Flooring for Yoga room

Unlike many other yoga flooring options, vinyl doesn’t have a classic floor look. But still, it has tons of properties that make it a top flooring option. It is quite a reliable and durable option as compared to wood flooring. Vinyl allows moisture to evaporate quickly, and that makes it the ideal choice for yoga studios.

This amazing flooring type comes with the attraction and appeal of wood, but still, it is easier to clean. Along with that, it also provides sound and shock absorption qualities. With the availability of 4 different colors, your surface never needs to be polished or waxed.

The vinyl itself is cheap, but its installation can be a little costly. It is because you need other materials like glue, nails, and concrete for proper installation. Also, it is not a very eco-friendly option. Get it installed in your office yoga room and enjoy yoga whenever you want.

Where to buy the best wood yoga flooring?

Shopping for wood yoga flooring is not for everyone. Yet, if you prefer to shop online, there are several best places to buy it. You can direct e-commerce stores like home depot as it is quite a hot destination for many DIYs. You can easily buy some quality and cheap flooring designs from here. 

You can also direct towards Wayfair, eBay, build direct, etc., to find the best flooring options. These stores don’t only have wood flooring, but they also sell the other yoga room equipment. You will get the best quality products at a commendable cost.

You can also choose to buy custom yoga boxes. It is a one-time investment, and you don’t have to buy yoga accessories after opting for this option. Well, many companies design custom yoga boxes that vary in size. So, that's another option if you are looking for something minimalist. 

Final thoughts

Choosing the right yoga room flooring can be overwhelming if you have a myriad of choices. So, research well and be considerate about choosing the right flooring according to your needs. The main goal of the yoga room is to ground your barefoot body in a most stable position. So, you should focus on choosing the right flooring as it contributes to your well-being. Moreover, it motivates you to spend time in your yoga room.

You can buy any type of flooring option from the above-listed flooring types. Make sure to take measurements of the office yoga room before ordering flooring material. You can also opt-in for custom yoga boxes according to your needs 

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