How Much Does a Bath Fitter Tub Cost?

Do you need a new look for your tub? Bath fitter is a popular option that can change the appearance of the entire area completely. It also maximizes comfort and ensures you feel pleasant during shower sessions.

Before you invest, go through this article to learn more about the bath fitter cost. It discusses the average price and the factors that affect it. That ensures you have a better idea of whether this project is a smart investment. If that sounds good, keep reading to discover all the details!

What Is Bath Fitter?

Did you know that this term actually refers to a brand? Bath Fitter is a company launched in 1984. It started as a family business but expanded quickly. Today, homeowners nationwide look for this service, and the company has had over two million clients.

Bath Fitter essentially offers to revitalize your bathroom, with a special accent on tubs and showers. The primary focus is a liner, which is an overlay that goes on top of your fixtures. That way, you don’t have to replace the existing tub. Instead, the bath liner gives it an entirely new look and extends its longevity.

Apart from the custom-made overlay, the company offers upgrades and accessories. They can even convert your tub to a shower. You’ll find many Bath Fitter licensed installers and distributors throughout the country. 

This term is now popular for all tub fitting jobs. If you want to get the official brand’s liner, make sure to check the provider’s certificate first. You can pick alternative companies for bathtub fitting, but always confirm they are trustworthy.

Bath Fitter Benefits and Why Consider It

Getting a tub liner has become popular, but why do people like it that much? Here’s a quick overview of its advantages:

  • Forget about problems with leaks. The company uses premium materials for the liners. They also make single-piece overlays, which ensure to minimize the leak risk.
  • Simple to maintain. The one-piece approach makes cleaning the liners easy. Non-porous liners remain smooth, and you only need a bit of soap and water to clean them.
  • Less hassle and faster setup than installing a new tub. Setting up a new liner rarely takes more than a day. It minimizes the hassle compared to replacing the tub and remodeling the bathroom completely.

Bath Fitter Average Cost Details

The experts estimate that most users pay around $1,500 - $2,500 for this unit. But the actual price comes down to your needs. It might cost you only $500.  These are affordable options where you might consider a DIY installation to save more.

A premium investment and accessories could end up being around $6,000 or more expensive. These projects might involve a complete makeover or converting a tub into a shower. The installation is complex and is often a significant price component.

Factors that Affect Bath Fitter Cost

Which features affect the price of your fitting solution? It’s no exaggeration to say that each decision made in the process can influence the total cost. Here is a quick overview of the factors and steps when choosing your fitter.

Tub Selection

You don’t have to limit yourself to a bathtub. It’s also possible to choose a shower. If you have a different installation, the company offers conversion options. These can be quite pricey, so confirm it’s the right investment first. The article focuses on tubs, so you probably look for fittings for this fixture. You begin by choosing the color and style.

The company offers more than ten designs.  Some users like the simple Aristocrat style. Those who like patterns on the tub outside might prefer Hamilton or Infinity. 

Each style is available in four colors, including:

  • White. The classic option that will fit most decors, especially if light shades dominate your bathroom.
  • Pearl. It’s an interesting choice that could fit glamorous decors. However, it’s harder to fit the wall panels and other components.
  • White marble. This shade is great if you prefer a stylish touch instead of a classic color.
  • Ivory marble. The alternative variation of marble is ideal for modern decors and those who want a different look.

There’s not much price difference when choosing colors and styles. You can relax while choosing those that best fit your preference. However, please note the tub size will directly affect the total price. The more space the liner has to cover, the larger the total cost.

Bath Liner Material

If you work with the official brand and distributors, they will always offer acrylic. This material is durable and strong, which indicates it ages well. It’s also non-porous, so you don’t have to worry about leaks or mold. Bath fitter picked a ¼-inch acrylic to ensure maximum liner longevity. The best confirmation comes with a lifetime warranty offered by the brand. Although it might cost more, it shows that acrylic is the long-term choice for your tub.

You can go with alternative options in the market. PVC vinyl is often the choice of those looking for budget-friendly picks. The initial investment can cost twice as little. But the problem is it won’t look good and won’t last as long. Tile and fiberglass are also porous, while enameled steel and cast iron look great. And while their quality is better, they are prone to discoloration and scratches. 

Wall Patterns

The tub should be the project’s central piece. But if you walk into a bathroom, you notice wall panels first. Most users agree this is the crucial aesthetic factor to consider. You can pick between ten different patterns or go without this option. The last one is cheaper, but if you want a new bathroom look, wall panels are essential.

Napoli is a classic pattern with small square tiles. Rimini looks like someone played Tetris on your wall, which is cool. Savona offers the traditional brick design, while Roma and Verona seem the most original.

Wall patterns are available in the same colors as the tub. The combinations depend on your preference. Some prefer the same color, while others don’t mind mixing two different shades. Picking the options based on the overall bathroom décor is important.

The panels that come with fitters are one-piece seamless walls. It guarantees a watertight fit, which prevents any potential mold and fungi problems. That’s important because you want the bathroom in a perfect state as long as possible. The walls are grout-free, which secures simple cleaning. Minimum maintenance is vital for those who don’t like spending too much time tidying up the house.


Do you even need this item? If you can skip it, it can save significant money on the total project price. But if you are doing a total overhaul, you won’t mind the additional bath fitter cost. New faucets can give a fresh look and change your experience of using the tub.

You can go with a Velocity Shower Head, which will pour water from above like it’s raining. It’s convenient for washing your hair and great if you want to relax. Shorter and longer versions are both available to ensure they suit everyone’s preference.

If you prefer handheld showerheads, you’ll find they have multiple functions. It’s possible to go with a fixed position or pick an adjustable unit. Chrome is the default color choice for most options. Some variations have brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze shades available. These finishes give a different look, but they are harder to fit with the rest of the décor.


Your bathtub fitting might come with extra options. They add to the convenience and can improve the showering experience.

Bath fitter offers the following accessories:

  • Corner shelf. It’s a great place to hold your shampoo, regenerator, and other products used in the shower. You can put them at the tub’s edge, but that increases the risk of knocking them down. Apart from a single shelf, you can pick a double version with three racks to place things.
  • Soap dishes. It’s imperative to know where this unit is at all times. If it ends up in the tub, you risk slipping on it. That’s why having a separate soap dish is useful.
  • Grab bars. This can be crucial for elderly people or those who could use a bit of extra stability in the bathtub. A grab bar decreases the risk of accidents, which makes it a smart investment.

All accessories are available in different colors. Each unit you add to your bath fitter will increase the overall cost.

Do You Need a Door or Rod?

If you don’t have either, you’ll probably end up soaking the entire bathroom.  The difference lies in choosing between convenience and elegance. Some users prefer doors because it enhances the overall bathroom appearance. The glass doors look luxurious, but they require regular cleaning. If you still choose them, the bath fitter has two chrome and one brushed nickel option.

The alternative is in placing a rod and hanging a curtain. That’s convenient since it minimizes maintenance. However, there’s the matter of pulling the curtain, which can be a hassle with large tubs. Bath fitter has an excellent selection of rods, including straight and curved options.

Will Installation Affect the Total Cost?

Yes, setting up a new bath liner is a huge part of the price you’ll ultimately pay. Depending on the job complexity, it could end up costing twice as much as the materials. Some installers will offer a total price as they are also distributors of tub fitting materials. If a single company handles everything, you might get a better deal overall.

It might be tempting to install the tub liner yourself. But even skillful DIY enthusiasts have problems with those projects. Not only you’ll invest a lot of time and effort, but you need to find the right materials. Also, fitting the overlay to the tub isn’t an easy job. You need to accommodate it perfectly to avoid leaks. If it doesn’t snug ideally to your tub, it will cause problems in a day or two.

The DIY installer also risks destroying the liner in the process. If you damage it, the warranty won’t cover you. Instead, the only solution will be to get a new acrylic overlay. That will end up increasing the bath fitter cost instead of lowering it.

Advantages of Choosing a Professional Installer

Bath fitting is a complex job, which is why only a licensed expert should handle it. It’s your best choice because they will do the job right. Here are some other benefits of choosing a pro:

  • Finish the job in the shortest possible time frame. Most tub liners don’t require more than a day to install.
  • Ensure that the overlay fits the shower perfectly. That’s the surefire way to prevent leaks.
  • Receive a warranty for the work. Most installers are willing to provide a guarantee, especially if they partner with the tub fitting brand.

The biggest advantage is that you can sit back while someone else does the work. Homeowners can rest assured the setup will go smoothly and the tub liner will meet their performance expectations. The only thing to ensure is to get an estimate from the installer first. Also, make sure that they guarantee there won’t be any hidden expenses down the road.

Tips to Save When Choosing a Bath Fitter

A new tub liner seems like an attractive option. However, once you calculated everything, the bath fitter prices surprised you. Check out these tips that can help you to save in the process:

  • Do you need all those accessories? If you already have grab bars in a good state, why not keep them?
  • Get extra upgrades in your local store. Some accessories might be available in a nearby shop at lower prices. As long as you match them with the overall bath fitter design, it’s a money-saving option.
  • Get quotes from different installers. Setting your new liner will take a huge part of the project’s budget. That’s why you want the most affordable deal. Getting quotes from at least three installers nearby will ensure you find the best possible offer.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know more details about the bath fitter cost, do you believe it’s a smart investment? Although a new liner can expand your tub’s life, it’s not always the best option. Depending on your selection, it could end up costing more than getting a new shower. Make sure to check online bathtub stores because the affordable prices might surprise you. They offer an admirable product selection, ranging from showers and tubs to saunas and accessories. Once you compare the two options, you’ll easily discover which one is better!

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