Ways To Install Your Home Yoga Studio

Ways To Install Your Home Yoga Studio

Yoga is the best practice to meet perfect physical and mental health. Installing a home yoga studio is something you should consider. There are many yoga studio ideas you can use to create your own yoga space at home. Imagine having a professional home yoga studio in your living place. Without any professional help, you can install your personal yoga studio. It is 100% possible to set up a nice and comfortable yoga studio within a limited budget.

Read this article till the end to get some ideas on yoga studio installation and how it can impact your workout.

What You Need to Get Started?

If you are not interested in transforming your home space into a yoga studio, then all you need is a yoga mat and enough space to move around. The selection of your yoga mat will depend on:

  • The floor of your home
  • If you want the mat to easily transport
  • Other accessories such as yoga blocks and balls

But if you are serious about yoga and your health, then nothing is more vital than having a professional environment. It will help increase your productivity to its maximum level and enable you to reap all the possible yoga benefits.

How to install a yoga studio at home?

Find a Comfortable Space

Comfort is something you should never compromise on. So, first of all, start with finding a dedicated space for yoga wherever you want. Having a yoga space doesn’t mean that you need a whole room. You can dedicate a corner or space in front of your window. After that, place your mat and place all other yoga props around. Make sure to set up your home yoga space in a quiet corner to avoid distractions. Furthermore, you can talk to your family to give you some privacy while you practice yoga.


Once you have found the space to install a yoga studio, another step is to declutter the area. Make sure the space is clean and there is not excessive stuff around. Clutter-up spaces make you feel anxious and it would be hard for you to concentrate. Even in the professional yoga studios, there is no extra stuff. You need to keep the space clean and throw away anything that is not required or giving a good vibe.

Yoga Room Decor

Your yoga space should provide you with a sense of comfort and harmony. So, don’t crowd it with unnecessary yoga essentials. Go after your instincts and the things you are passionate about. For a comfortable experience, you can use dim lights, scented candles, or aromatherapy oil with a diffuser. To give it more zen-like vibes, you can add a mirror, paintings, and wall hangings. You can check out yoga studio wall decor ideas on Instagram and Pinterest by following relevant hashtags. 

Connect with Nature

Yoga has a very powerful connection with nature. This is the main reason why people like to do yoga in forests, gardens, and outdoors. The best decor you can add to your yoga studio plants. You can go with a few plants in your yoga studio and there is literally no need to add any other stuff. 

The best thing about using plants in your yoga studio decor is their cost-effectiveness. Plants or anything that reflects nature can be very soothing and positive. It impacts your mental health. The ones who are dealing with stress should add some plants to their yoga studios. Try to install your yoga studio near glass windows that let the sunlight in.

Good Ventilation

Suffocated places are not suitable for yoga practices at all. So, your yoga studio or place must be ventilated properly to get some fresh air. We recommend installing a yoga studio in open-air spaces if you can find some peaceful space. For instance, you can use your balcony, garden, or terrace. If you want to do yoga indoors, then you should use the space near the window. Avoid practicing yoga in congested spaces and find ventilated space to transform the yoga experience. 

Perfection is Unnecessary

Are you thinking of installing that picture-perfect yoga studio? Well, think again, you don't actually need it. When it comes to the home yoga studio, perfection is a bit expensive and completely irrelevant. You just try to create a comfortable and nice-looking space for yoga, and that's it. You don't have to go above and beyond to achieve that perfection.

If you have a good amount of cash flow, you may hire a professional and spend money on your luxurious yoga studio. Otherwise, it is recommended to be careful about spending and adding stuff in the studio.

Color Scheme

Choosing light and vibrant colors is very crucial to add harmony to your yoga studio. Well, you might have color preferences, but you can’t just use any color in your yoga space. If you are familiar with color psychology, you would agree that every color brings different emotions. Keep in mind to add soft and calming colors like shades of purple and pink or simply white. Moreover, don’t try to paint your yoga space like a rainbow. Choose one or two colors to provide you with a warm and cozy effect. 

Minimalist Design

Simple, nice, and clean spaces always look beautiful. For yoga studios, minimalistic designs are the best option. Why add a lot of expensive things when a few nice items can go to work? The best thing about minimalistic designs is their ability to create harmony and peace. Don't create a lot of clutter around by using extra electronic devices and other stuff to fill up space. 

Extra items will create a mess in your yoga studio and it will make you feel stressed. If you have noticed, the majority of professional yoga studios use minimal designs for their spaces. So, you don't have to spend your money on buying excessive stuff, just invest in a few good things and that's it.

Relaxed Surroundings

The environment around you has a huge impact on your mood during yoga. They should be spending more time creating a comfortable and relaxed environment. Many people don't have a separate yoga space at home, and it is harder for them to find the space that is up to the mark. Yoga has a huge role in improving your mental and physical wellbeing, and you can achieve it as long as your yoga studio environment is good. 

You can add things like candles, plants, and art pieces to improve the setting. Make sure that the space is not too noisy and destructive. Practicing yoga in a comfortable environment will calm your nerves and improve your mental peace.

Keep the Props Reachable

You know that there is much more to a yoga studio than a yoga mat and you call it yoga props. The tip is to adjust the props near to yourself, so you don't have to get up every time to pick the props. Installing the yoga studio is all about optimally utilizing your space and making the most use of it. You can use small adorable baskets or shelves to place your yoga props inside. You don't even need to clutter up the whole space. If you are using a spacious room for installing the yoga studio, you need to keep the stuff minimalistic and reachable to your yoga mat.

How do you make a yoga room? 

Making a yoga room in your studio apartment is not as hard as it looks. You need to clean any corner of your home to set up a yoga space. If you are living in a studio apartment, then space is a real concern. In that case, you have the option of setting up your yoga mat on the side of your bed. In this way, you can also make a morning yoga routine as you can practice yoga right after waking up.

You can also make a yoga space in your living room, next to your window. You can explore more home yoga studio ideas on social media as many yogis love to share their yoga details. Besides that, you can also go for the custom yoga rooms. These rooms are not only dedicatedly designed for yoga, but they also motivate you to spend time in your custom yoga place. Besides that, it is a one-time investment, so you can opt-in for that. 

How can you improve home yoga studio decor?

To improve home yoga studio decor, you can browse the internet to find plenty of ideas. You can search how to set up a yoga space in the living room/ bedroom. If you are interested in outdoor yoga spaces, then you can search accordingly. Just make sure to follow the things to keep your yoga room simple but elegant. 

To create a healthy yoga experience, you need to focus on:

  • Yoga room layout
  • Space management
  • Illumination
  • Ceiling height and design
  • Flooring options

While buying props and other accessories, make sure to keep things connected with others. That way, you will be able to achieve a more sophisticated and best yoga space design. Comfort your yoga floor with hardwood, and you don’t have to use tiles, linoleum, etc. Just pamper the floor with yoga mats, bolsters, yoga straps, and blocks. Keep indoor plants and motivational postures/god idols to enhance the yoga experience

Yoga practices to try in the home yoga studio

The trend of virtual yoga classes is increasing recently. But, you don’t have to be a time slave to practice yoga. You can find yoga on youtube or TV just by searching yoga classes. Accessing online yoga classes is quite easy. You can also try websites as there are plenty of yogis who run their personal websites. If you are comfortable with podcasts, you can also go for them. In case you are not near your laptop or TV, you can try some free or paid yoga apps. 

While you scroll from the yoga practices list, you can find a ten or 30-minute workout, morning yoga routine, and more. If you are doing yoga for a specific purpose, you can look for classes like yoga for flexibility or yoga for stress or anxiety. You will find a yoga routine that will be just fine for you. 

You can try the following yoga poses at your home yoga space:

  • Standing balance poses.
  • Tadasana (Mountain pose)
  • Vasisthasana (Side Plank)
  • Prone backbends
  • Downward-Facing Dog
  • Inversions
  • Breathing exercises

You can choose other yoga types, too, according to your ease and choice. As you have your home yoga sanctuary, you need to set realistic goals. Get all yoga props and start with slow practicing, especially if you are a newbie. Learn to stretch and warm up your body before you start. Use the yoga videos if you don’t know how and where to start. 

Types of Yoga You May Try in Your New Studio

  1. Hatha yoga: Favourite for most people especially to begin with. This yoga practice involves breath, body, and mind. The classes are generally 45 minutes to 90 minutes.
  2. Ashtanga Yoga: Translated to ‘eight limb path’, not recommended to beginners. It's an advanced structured vinyasa-style class. An Ashtanga yoga practice begins with five repetitions of Surya Namaskara A and five repetitions of Surya Namaskara B. These repetitions are followed by a standing sequence.
  3. Iyengar yoga: It focuses on perfecting postures and alignment. Generally, an Iyengar yoga class is precise, with misalignments and mistakes explained and corrected.
  4. Jivamukti yoga: It includes Hindu spiritual teachings and meditations. It has five main tenets of the Jivamukti method. The names are Shastra, Bhakti, Ahimsa, Nāda, and Dhyana.
  5. Restorative yoga: It aims to relax your mind and body. The practice is all about slowing down and opening your body through passive stretching. It offers a different experience than most other styles of yoga.

Wrapping Up

For now, you should get an answer to your query about how to install a home yoga studio. Start with proper research and determination. Be careful while buying yoga room accessories and props. Also, focus on creating a comfortable and silent corner for your yoga practices. If you don’t have time to put effort into installing your home yoga studio, choose custom yoga rooms. They are easy to install, and you don’t have to maintain them every now and then.

So what your home yoga studio look like?

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