The Difference Between Electric Steam Shower And Steam Room

The Difference Between Electric Steam Shower And Steam Room

Many people often get confused about the concept of an electric steam shower and steam room. Both facilities have immense benefits for users. They share tons of features, including their underlying ideas. So, it is no big deal if you find it tricky to figure out the difference between them. 

Here is an opportunity to understand a steam room and steam shower's unique concept. These variances can help you select the ideal facility for you. Besides, it will give you more insight into both rooms' advantages. This guide provides details about the variations between a steam room and a steam shower. Keep reading to get a clear understanding!

5 Key Differences Between Electric Steam Shower and Steam Room 

A steam room and an electric steam bathroom have more similarities than differences. But this closeness doesn’t mean that they are entirely the same. If you want to customize your steam treatment space, it is best to pay attention to the differences. 

Let's take a quick run through the differences between these two heat facilities:

1. Construction

Steam rooms and electric steam showers use almost the same construction materials. They use materials like marble, tiles, and block concrete. The main point is that these materials should be non-porous. Also, they must support a moisturized environment without getting damaged. The supplies should be heat tolerant. And these materials shouldn’t get destroyed by high temperatures. 

The prime contrast between the two constructions is the operational buildup. The electric heat bathroom uses digital control and an electric valve. The control buttons of the steam shower are inside the enclosure. It has switches within the space that helps to regulate critical functions. You can press the buttons to determine the steam temperature and intensity. It also allows you to manage other shower options. 

The steam room has a less flexible control. Although it uses digital command options, it is not as versatile as the steam bathroom. Besides, it doesn’t need to activate an electric valve before it functions.  

2. Temperature 

Both the steam shower and steam room operate at increased temperatures. The health benefits of both facilities result from the therapeutic heat they produce. But they work at different radiation levels. 

The steam shower temperature doesn’t exceed 108℉ (42℃). The heat can be anywhere within the span of 100 to 108℉. With this range, the warmth level is below that of steam rooms. 

The steam room works at a temperature between 110 and 116℉. It uses 100% humidity, which increases the heat's efficiency. So, if you don't have much tolerance for hot environments, a steam shower will work better. 

3. Heat Source 

Steam rooms and steam showers utilize similar heat sources. They use a generator that converts cold water to warm water before pumping it into the room. The water pump generator can be found inside the enclosure. If you wish to discern how it works, think of a kettle. The pump generator releases steam heat into the chamber. This can be likened to vapor escaping through a kettle's neck. 

A typical steam shower uses approximately 9 liters of water for 20 minutes. A steam room does not use that much because it only needs water to create humidity. Also, a steam room can use alternative heat sources. But an electric shower uses only electrical power. 

4. Mode of Application 

Steam showers and steam rooms use similar ideas. The rooms offer moisturized heat that is therapeutic on the human body. They have loads of benefits. They include cleansing the skin and activating general body organs. 

A steam room unit for home often has a seat that allows you to sit and relax. Portable steam shower units are walk-in showers. It feels more like having a heat bath under the shower. So, it doesn't have a seat. 

Also, you can have many sessions with a steam room. Each session can be between 3 to 20 minutes long. You might not have to do many sessions with sauna steam shower units. 

5. Operational Cost

Operational cost is the financial demand for running these facilities. Both the steam room and steam shower need some expenses. But the operating cost of an electric steam bathroom is higher than the steam room. 

The primary difference in the operational cost is the electricity demand. The electric steam bathroom adds to your electricity invoice. It also uses more water, thus adding more to your utility bills. 

The steam shower's initial expenditure is also higher than a steam room. The explanation for the difference is the digital features of the former. But, the initial and operational cost of both facilities is worth it. Portable steam shower units and steam room units for homes benefit skin treatments.  

Benefits of Steam Room and Electric Steam Shower 

A steam room and steam shower have lots of benefits in common. They use a similar moisturized heat concept to offer the body a therapeutic effect. They have identical temperature ranges; hence, they produce similar results. 

Here are a few gains of using a steam room and steam shower:

  • Sauna steam shower units can help lower blood pressure. 
  • They clear congestion and help with various types of breathing problems.
  • Steam shower and steam room aids skin breathability and improves general skin health.
  • Heat bathing in a steam room or steam shower aids quick recovery of muscles and joints.
  • These facilities mitigate pain and activate vital body organs.
  • Steam heat shower usage boosts immune system functions and aids blood circulation.

Is A Steam Shower The Same As A Steam Room?

A steam shower is similar to a steam room, but they have slight differences. You might not know the variance between them if you don't have a deep insight. The fundamental differences among them are their temperature range and operational cost. 

A steam shower uses lower heat than a steam room. But the former has a higher operational cost and uses more digitized features. 


Both electric steam showers and steam rooms are worthy health investments. They offer loads of benefits and operate similarly. But there are slight contrasts between them. The steam room uses a somewhat higher temperature and alternatives to electric heat sources. Comparatively, the steam shower works at a lower warmth limit.

But it is best to note that these differences don’t make one superior over the other. They have their advantages and limitations. All you need to do is select the most suitable option to match your needs and budget. You can even find the best two-person steam showers for partners and friends. Feel free to explore both facilities and start a renewed journey to healthy living! 

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