Dos and Don’ts on Using 4 Person Traditional Sauna

Dos and Don’ts on Using 4 Person Traditional Sauna

A sauna is one of the most serene places with no written rules. The major problem with unwritten rules is that you might end up offending or disrupting someone even when you mean no harm. Owning a personal sauna might help you bypass this problem. But it isn’t the same with a 4 person traditional sauna. It will take four people; hence, you must learn to behave in a manner that won't affect others. 

The dos and don'ts of a traditional sauna are not something out of the blues. They are basic etiquettes that help you to behave appropriately. They also help you to maintain a serene and pleasant sauna environment. In this guide, you will learn about the concept of sauna and the basic rules to help you cope in a 4 person traditional outdoor sauna. 



A sauna is a small confinement or room with a raised temperature, usually between 65℃ and 90℃. The essential components of a sauna are wood interiors and temperature controls. The woods are mostly unpainted and sometimes include rocks as fragments of their warming features. 

The rocks in a sauna help to regulate and maintain heat. They absorb and give off heat when it is necessary. You can pour water into the rock to form steam heat. 

Saunas can either be personal or for multiple people. One of the popular types for many people is the 4 person traditional sauna. This sauna-type design will take four people without any hassle. 



Are you new to using a sauna? Or do you use it regularly without knowing what it does to your body? Either way, it is crucial to discern the benefits of using a sauna.

A sauna’s benefits are evident in its structure. It doesn't matter if you reserve the experience for relaxation or make it part of your workout session. You will feel different after a sauna experience. 

Some of the core benefits of a sauna include;

  •       It helps with general body relaxation. 
  •       It mitigates minor aches and pain.
  •       An outdoor wooden sauna reduces rheumatoid arthritis' symptoms. 
  •       It aids muscle recovery in gyms and sports.
  •       Sauna-induced sweating helps individuals with congestive heart failure, COPD, and peripheral arterial disease. 
  •       Sauna bathing is also helpful for individuals suffering from anxiety and depression. 

Now you know the benefits of a sauna, you might feel like trying it out. And if you are a regular user, you should learn about the unwritten rules, which are the dos and don'ts of a sauna. 



The design of a four person sauna aims to take four people with ease. So, the ideal thing is that your actions shouldn’t affect others. Besides, some actions and inactions can affect a sauna's functioning, and it is best to keep them in mind. 

Here are some of the basic things you can do in a four person traditional steam sauna;

1. Enter With a Clean Body 

A sauna is one of the best places to go after a gym session. It is not ideal to go into it with a sweaty, dirty, or smelly body. Hence, it is best to take a post-workout shower before going into a 4 person outdoor wooden sauna. 

2. Make Quick Exits and Entries 

First off, you should note that saunas are airtight. Opening and closing the doors can make it lose its air. So, you should always open and close the door quickly to avoid releasing the air. 

3. Respects Others' Personal Space 

A 4 person traditional outdoor sauna is made for four people, but most individuals love to have their space. And you must respect that!

Keep in mind that you have others around and don't get carried away with the relaxation. Stretching out in a sauna with four people is wrong. Everyone wants to enjoy their sauna time, and you should not be why other occupants won't get it. 

4. Bring a Towel Along

It is best to note the nudity or attire of people inside the sauna space. Nudity can be allowed in some four person saunas, but it is not so in every case. So, it is safer to come along with a towel. Don't go nude when others are covered up! Using a bathing suit can also replace a towel in terms of function. You can, however, get a standard 4 person traditional sauna kit.

5. Only Regulate Temperature On Consensus

Temperature regulation will affect everyone in the sauna. If it gets excessively cold or hot for you, learn to inform others. Ask other people in the sauna before changing the temperature. Never forget to be polite with your approach and treat everyone with respect. 

6. Keep The Noise Low 

Noise is highly prohibited in four person saunas because you would be disturbing the peace of others. Most individuals expect a serene environment while using a sauna, and you shouldn't disrupt that. You might get tempted to sing your favorite songs, but it is best to keep it low. 

Except all the four of you in the outdoor wooden sauna are friends, keeping the conversation low is crucial. 


It is vital to avoid things that will negatively affect you or others in a sauna. These things can be passive actions. But you can avoid doing them when you commit them to mind. Here are some of the don'ts in a 4 people traditional steam sauna;

1. Don't Take Your Workouts To The Sauna

A sauna is a place to go after gym workouts, not a place to do it. You might get tempted to do some squats or pushups, but it is not ideal. You could slip and injure yourself. Besides, you will compromise the serenity and tranquility of the space with your grunts. 

2. Don't Litter The Space

Dirt is not a sensible thing for any space, including a sauna. Avoid littering the area with wastes of any kind. Always recall that you aren’t alone in the sauna before dumping off litters. 

Don't brush your hair, shave, or tweeze in the sauna. The particles from the hair can be irritating and disturbing. Besides, it is not ideal for health safety. 

3. Don't Sit Directly on The Bench

This rule is crucial for a sauna that allows nudity. Avoid sitting on the bench with your bare body. Besides the fact that it puts you at risk, it is also unhygienic for others. Bring a towel along with you and lay on the bench before sitting. 

4. Avoid the Sauna If You are On Certain Medications

The heat and steam in the sauna can complicate the effect of some medications. Avoid the sauna if you are on recreational drugs. You should also stay away if you use medicines that can compromise your body's ability to regulate its temperature. 

Seek medical advice before using the sauna if you are expecting a baby.  Consulting a doctor is also crucial for individuals suffering from heart failure, diabetes, uncontrolled high blood pressure, and abnormal heart rhythm. 

If you are in any of these categories, it is best to limit your time in the sauna even with your doctor's permit. 

Other notable don'ts in a four person sauna include; 

  • Don't use a sauna when you are ill.
  • Don't use a sauna when you are dehydrated or on alcohol. 
  • Don’t eat heavy meals before using the sauna.
  • Don't fall asleep in the sauna.
  • Don't use a sauna if you are not comfortable with keeping the rules.



No! It is not an ideal thing to take a phone into the sauna. A phone or other mobile devices are not part of a four individual traditional sauna kit. So, there are no reasons to insist on taking one into the sauna. The sauna’s heat and steam can damage your mobile device. 

In Summary 

A 4 person traditional steam sauna can give you the relaxation, serenity, and tranquility you desire. But you will only get the best of it when you know the things to do and not do. The rules of a sauna are unwritten, but it is best to have them at heart. The above don’ts and dos will guide you through basic sauna etiquettes. 

Now that we are clear on the benefits, dos, and don'ts of a sauna, do you wish to try it out? Save yourself the hassle and frustration of looking for the best outdoor wooden sauna. You have it right here. Relax, and feel free to check it out. 

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