10 Guides On Installing Custom Steam Shower

10 Guides On Installing Custom Steam Shower

Do you want to upgrade your bathroom with a steam shower? Installing a  custom steam shower is one of the most significant renovations for your bathroom. It improves your home quality and enhances wellbeing. But the realization of these isn’t enough. You would only get the best of this upgrade when you do it the right way. 

Are you curious about the things you must know before installing a steam shower? Well, look no further because all you need are a few lines away. This guide provides detailed info about steam shower installation. It covers the tips that will help you achieve the most suitable decision. Also, you will find out the average cost of this facility fitting.

Are you ready? Let's roll! 

Reasons Why You Should Install a Steam Shower

Your desire to install a steam shower might not be strong enough if you don't have concrete reasons. Installing a vapor shower is not only about upgrading the bathroom or showing class. There are multiple benefits that you will enjoy from this choice. 

These reasons are mostly the gains you derive from adding this facility to your home. Here are points why you should consider adding a steam bathing unit to your home;

  1. A vapor shower helps you to relax and get rid of stress. 
  2. It can give a therapeutic feeling and relieve pain in various body parts.
  3. Spending time in this facility mitigates muscle soreness.
  4. It enhances skin health and improves skin breathability. 
  5. Steam showers help to get rid of nasal congestion and other respiratory issues.
  6. It can be a significant part of your weight loss plan.
  7. Vapor bathing units are useful for removing body toxins.
  8. It is effective for gaining restorative sleep and relieving stress symptoms.

Insightful Tips to Guide You Through Installing a Custom Steam Shower 

By now, you should have more than enough reasons to add a steam shower to your home. If you are not fascinated by its home quality, you should be impressed with its health benefits. Either way, there are few things to keep in mind once you decide to install a steam shower. 

The tips below can be your ultimate guide to fixing a vapor shower. It will also help you manage costs. And it will ensure that you get the best from this facility. Let's shoot! 

1. You Need an Enclosed Space 

A steam shower is not an open facility. You need an enclosed space that will help you conserve heat. Also, the insulation of this area is paramount. These factors are essential because they help retain the heat in the selected spot. 

Besides, the vapor shower must be air and watertight for the same reason. It is best to use suitable construction materials and get an enclosed space. Some of the best supplies for this intention are marble, tiles, and other non-porous materials. 

2. Ensure Suitable Building Dimension 

The dimension of your space and steam shower is another paramount consideration. The steam shower's width should take at least one person with ease. You can also fix it to fit two or three people.

The height of this space is another vital consideration. It is best when you use a regular room height. Avoid excessively tall shower height. Note that the vapor bathing facility dimension directly relates to the generator power required. 

3. Choose Your Comfort 

One of the primary reasons anyone will think of a home upgrade is to improve comfort. It is best when you don't lose sight of this vital consideration. Satisfaction starts with the ease of using the facility. You can include structures like a sloped chair to improve this comfort. The space and dimension of the steam shower should be conducive.  

4. Conserve Space 

You might have to include lots of basic structures in your steam shower. The land area should not be a limitation for this inclusion. You can conserve space regardless of how many things you need to include. Start by only adding essential structures. Next, add optimal size structures that will aid space conservation. An example of these materials is a fold-up seat. This structure will help you create space when the seat is not in use. 

5. Never Overlook Your Safety 

    Your safety comes before anything else when adding any structure to your home. One of the primary essences of a steam shower is to improve your wellbeing. But it might leave a counter effect if the shower structures do not guarantee your safety. 

    One of the first steps to safety in a steam shower is to install an anti-slip system. Adding anti-skid strides will help you achieve this with ease. Ensure the proper insulation of all-electric cables in your steam shower. All the shower glass shouldn't have sharp or rough edges. All these and other cautions will mitigate the possibility of accidents in your steam shower. 

    6. Use Only Suitable Materials 

    Imagine trying to cross a river with a paper boat. It is only a race against time before it sinks. This illustration also applies when you use unsuitable materials in a steam shower. 

    One of the prime considerations for materials is that they must withstand vapor. It shouldn't damage easily in the presence of moisture or heat. Another consideration is that it must be of high quality. 

    Some of the suitable materials here are granite, glass blocks, marble, and tiles. You can also use other non-porous elements like porcelain and acrylic. These components will not absorb water or steam. Hence, it limits unwanted organisms' potential damage and growth like mold. 

    7. Choose Suitable Spot To Site Your Generator 

    The steam generator is responsible for supplying heat and steam into your shower space. So, its location will influence both efficiency and arrangement. It will also enhance your safety and the machine’s secure usage. 

    It is best to keep the vapor production engine about 50-60ft away from the steam room. It is also crucial to leave space in the generator’s region for adequate ventilation. Avoid installing the steam shower generator in the main shower room. 

    8. Use Easy Control 

    Besides ensuring that your steam shower design is easy to control, it should also be within easy reach. It is best when you can regulate all specs of your steam shower. These features include temperature and steam settings. 

    Most steam room showers for homes come with a digital control system. It is best to keep the system about 4-5ft above the ground. A perfect location is directly above your sitting position. 

    9. Ensure Proper Ventilation In Your Steam Shower System 

    Ventilation is another essential consideration while installing your steam shower system. Although you might not need it during your shower, maintaining cleanliness is vital. 

    The facility’s glass door can be a good way to work out proper ventilation. Also, you can include sizable windows at strategic points in the shower. But keep in mind that it is best to use a double-pane window for vapor showers. This window type will restrict heat and cold movement in and out of the facility. 

    Also, never install any air or temperature influencing component in your humid bathing unit. Keep out all venting, heating, and cooling facilities. Let your steam generator do its job to the fullest. 

    10. Use Well Insulated Electric Features 

    It is almost impossible to install your steam shower without an electric connection. While fixing this link, never forget that water and moisture conduct electricity. So, it is best to secure the space with proper insulation. 

    Also, protect other electric-related features of the steam shower. For instance, it is best when your lighting is vapor sealed. This sealing will prevent moisture from entering it. You can protect your light with GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter). 

    GFCI helps to detect moisture as soon as it contacts electric features. It will shut out power to ensure safety. 

    How to Install Steam Shower?

    Installing steam showers is not some magical process. You might need to employ a professional electrician, carpenter, and plumber service. But it doesn't stop you from having an idea of the entire process. 

    This information will help you figure out where and how to estimate your installation. It will also help you put together the best decisions to favor your steam shower's efficiency. Here are easy steps on the connection procedures of a steam shower;

    STEP 1: Find Suitable Space 

    After deciding to install a steam shower, the first step is to figure out a suitable space. If your current bathroom cannot accommodate it, you need an enclosed space. Installing a steam shower in an existing bathroom makes space allocation easier. 

    If you have a bathtub, you might have to remove it. This removal will help you create enough space for your vapor bathing unit. 

    STEP 2: Add Suitable Construction Material to Your Bathroom 

    The chances are that your bathroom's existing materials might not be suitable for a steam shower. Add water, heat, and mold-resistant components. The best elements for steam showers are marble, glass blocks, and tiles. Concretes, porcelain, and other non-porous materials are also ideal. 

    You can overlook this step if these are the existing components in your bathroom. Ensure to prevent the growth of mildews, molds, and other organisms that can cause structural damage. 

    STEP 3: Fix Electrical Supplies 

    At this point, you might need the service of a professional electrician. This step is where your site and fix your steam generator. You will also get to fix lighting and other electrical features. 

    The volume of your steam shower determines the power of your generator. Most steam generators fall within the range of 3000-6000 watts. They can supply up to 240V and 30-40 amps. 

    Protecting your electrical supply is crucial because they are prone to water damage. The best protection is the GFCI sensitivity. It will shut off the power supply once it detects the contact of any electrical supply with water.  

    STEP 4: Assemble the Steam Shower 

    Here is one of the most technical parts of the process. You might not necessarily need a professional. All you need to do is follow the assembling instructions by the manufacturer. The process is not time-consuming and might only take two or three hours for two people. Pay attention to delicate parts like the steam shower glass door to avoid damage. 

    STEP 5: Fix the Water Supply 

    A steam room shower for the home will not function without an adequate water supply. It takes up cold water, boils it, and ejects it into the shower space as steam. You might also require the service of a professional plumber here. 

    STEP 6: Fix the Water Drain 

    Fixing how water gets out of the shower is also crucial. It is one of the plumbing works you must put in place. Water drain is typically beneath the drain system. It is best to fix it so that it does not leave wastewater. 

    STEP 7: Finishing 

    The finishing step involves perfecting the installation. Set all parameters to suit your specifications. Also, inspect the steam shower and ensure no loopholes. 

    Where Should A Steam Shower Generator Be Installed?

    The location of your steam shower generator is vital for its functionality. It is best to keep the steam generator about 50-60ft away from the steam room. Also, keep it at a certain height above the ground and leave space before the roof. These gaps ensure proper ventilation. 

    How Much Does It Cost To Install A Steam Shower?

    Cost is one of the principal concerns when installing custom steam showers. Steam shower room price varies, depending on the product. It also depends on the size and quality of your shower installation. 

    Some other factors can influence the cost. One of these factors is the cost of hiring professionals to help you with this process. On average, the steam shower steam price typically falls between $2000 and $15000. This cost estimate includes materials, installation, and steam generator. 

    Note that the best product is not always the priciest and vice versa. So, the deal is not shooting for the most affordable or most luxurious product. The goal is to get high-quality for money with the most cost-effective product. 


    A custom steam shower is a valuable addition to your bathroom and home at large. It adds quality to your residence and also improves your well-being. One of the limitations people face is how to install the facility. But thorough digestion of this guide will help you to beat this hassle.

    Installing a steam shower worth every dime you spend. So, do well to make proper research and figure out the best steam shower for you. Install it the right way and enjoy the limitless benefit of this facility! 


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