Guide On Buying Yoga Mat For Your Small Yoga Space At Home

Guide On Buying Yoga Mat For Your Small Yoga Space At Home

Yoga mats may sound basic, but some important differences between them might affect your yoga practice. Even if you're living in a tiny apartment or a studio, you don’t need to give up on yoga, but you need to be a little flexible. 

Here is the complete guide to bringing the professional yoga experience by creating a sacred yoga space. 

Space required to set up a small yoga place

A private and sacred yoga space matters a lot. In other words, you need a small place where you can practice yoga without being disturbed or distracted. But, the thing is that many of us have very little space in our living spaces. In that case, a yoga space bedroom seems like the right choice. You need to clean up your space and bring the plants to your bedroom.

Yoga in your living room also seems like an ideal place as you can set up a sacred place for your yoga poses. You can put your mat behind the sofa, near the window, or allocate a corner of a living room. If you are using a shared space, you can use dwellers to divide your room for privacy. You can even use the outdoor area of your home if you can get enough daylight and no distractions.

Designing a small yoga space at home

Your yoga place must feel like a dreamy yoga studio when you step inside. It should provide a peaceful vibe so that you can be consistent with your yoga practices. To design your small yoga room, here is what you need:

Start with a yoga mat

Your yoga mat has to be super comfy and soft yet portable at the same time. It should be stable to give you enough support and stability while doing yoga poses. There are many things to keep in mind while buying a yoga mat. It can be mat thickness, material, size, slickness, texture. The quality material mat is likely to last longer, and you don't have to buy a new mat every other month.

You can opt for Standard PVC yoga mats, or you can get other eco-friendly options. It includes natural rubber, jute, and organic cotton mats. You can choose any of them accordingly.

What is a standard yoga mat size? 

A standard yoga mat is 68" long, and 24" wide, and the thickness should be 4-5 mm. The length varies according to the person’s height. The standard size is OK if you are around 6 feet tall. But, if you are taller than 6 feet, you can go with a 72-74 inches long mat while the width remains the same.

Get yoga towels and blocks

Yoga towels and placed on top of your yoga mat to absorb your sweat and avoid slipperiness. Also, get 2-3 yoga blocks as they play an important role as arm extenders and floor lifters. Yoga blocks are also helpful in supporting restorative postures. To practice certain poses, you can also use a 6-foot yoga strap. These products are helpful for your yoga and also fill up space in your room.

Put indoor plants

Being close to the plants and taking care of them is highly recommended for mental stability. Besides, the green color is calming, so why don’t you put the green indoor plants in your yoga space? It is the best thing that you can do for yourself. You can get a geometric terrarium or succulent plants to make your space look elegant.

Use proper lights and lamps

The environment of your yoga space matters a lot to keep you calm and focused. To add ambiance to your night yoga practice, use dim lights. You can opt for the Himalayan soft lamp. In the daytime, the natural light is enough, so try setting up your mat near the window but avoid direct sunlight.  Try white room yoga at home as it helps to stay focused and calm your nerves.

Mound the fancy mirrors

If your yoga space is enough, you can mound a full-size mirror in your home yoga space. It will not only beautify your room but also helps the newbie yogis. According to many yogis, practicing yoga in front of a mirror is very helpful. If you don’t want a big mirror, you can get a small decorative mirror to turn simple white walls into something fancy.

Put Candles and Aromatherapy oils

You can use candles as they help to set up the meditation mood. You can also use remote control candles if you are worried about burning your things and candle smoke. You can also bring some old feng shui wisdom by putting aromatherapy oils. It will not only make your home smell good but also boost your mood. Moreover, get diffusers to atomize essential oils for ultimate wellness.

Why is it important to keep the yoga area separate? 

Dedicate a space for meditation and yoga if you want to enjoy a wholesome experience. A separate space helps you to prepare for your classes and make your yoga practices quite easy. Besides that, you can also fix the specific yoga time to fulfill the commitment with yourself. It will not only make you regular but also enhances your well-being.

Just remember, you don’t need a full room or a particular place. It can be a small area that you should close off to avoid distractions. Also, you can order a custom yoga room by taking the proper measurements to keep you motivated.

Summing Up

Doing yoga is hard, but it doesn’t have to be if you properly design your yoga space. Using a good mat is immensely important because your yoga experience depends on it. Besides that, consider all the tips mentioned in this article to find your perfect yoga mat.

Write down all your requirements on a page before designing your yoga space. To buy essentials for your small yoga space at home, research different brands online. Seeing the customer's reviews and other ranking factors would help you to understand the company’s credibility.

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