8 Benefits of Soaking in a Hot Tub

8 Benefits of Soaking in a Hot Tub

Soaking in a hot tub is one of the little pleasures in life that we can enjoy during the weekend. Relaxing in your home spa can wash away your week-long stress and feel more refreshed. However, did you know that there are other hot tub benefits that can improve your life in general? Aside from its stress-relieving ability, it can also positively impact your overall health.

Here are the amazing health benefits that you can get from soaking in a hot tub.

Health Benefits of Hot Tub

1. Better Sleep

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One of the reasons why most people have a hard time sleeping is because of stress. Hot water can relax your body and help you sleep soundly at night. The muscles on your body will relax when it’s submerged in a tub of warm water. The heat from the water will raise your body temperature which will help in relaxing the muscles in your body.

2. Improves Mental Clarity

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Stress can cloud your judgment, which can lead to a whole lot of problems that can cause even more headaches. Relaxing in a hot tub can improve your mental clarity and allow you to make sound decisions.

Studies show that soaking in a hot tub can increase the blood flow to your brain. This will improve your cognitive functions while relaxing your body. If you’re stressed and you can’t make a good decision, soak in the hot tub for a few minutes to clear your mind.

3. Pain Management

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Did you know that hot tubs are known to relieve different kinds of body pains? Although it is not a permanent solution, it is a good way to free yourself from the body aches that have been making your life miserable. Here are some of the health benefits of a spa bath for pain management.

  • Muscle Pain: Body aches and leg cramps can prevent you from doing your daily chores. They are very sneaky and might appear anytime. If you want to remove your muscle pains or prevent them from occurring, soaking in a hot tub can do the trick. Since the hot water relaxes your muscles, it will relieve the tension and prevent body pains.

  • PMS Cramps: Menstrual cramps are very common to women, but it doesn’t mean that you can just tolerate the pain. Entering a hot tub can bring the blood flow to your pelvic area and relax the muscles. The heat from the water can soothe the area and reduce the cramps.

  • Headache: There are so many reasons for a headache. There are times when you can relieve it by taking pain relievers, but it’s not always the best option. Soaking in a spa bath can help deal with your headache temporarily.

  • Arthritis: Warm water therapy is extremely popular for people who are suffering from arthritis. The joints will loosen up and the inflammation will be reduced, thanks to the hot water from the spa bath. This will work wonders for people who are aged 60 and above.

  • Fibromyalgia: People who are suffering from this kind of health issue will tell you how hard it is to deal with the pain. Most of them prefer to stay inside a hot tub as it will free them from the debilitating pain caused by this health problem. Through hot tub therapy, the blood flow will increase on the affected area and reduce the inflammation.

4. Beauty Benefits

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This is definitely an enticing benefit, especially for the ladies. Yes, soaking in a hot tub can make you more beautiful and radiant. It comes with two major benefits that you will surely love:

  • Better skin health: Hot water and steam will open up the pores in your skin and you can easily wash away all the impurities. Because of this, you can prevent different skin problems like acne, dark spots, and more. The increased blood circulation can also improve the elasticity of your skin and prevent elastosis.

  • Better hair growth: If you want long and shiny hair, this is the best way to do it. Soaking in a hot tub can increase blood circulation which will help it reach the follicles faster. This will be a great way to rejuvenate your hair.

5. Weight Loss

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A spa bath is associated with weight loss and it is a well-known fact to many people. Although it won’t help you to lose weight completely, pairing it with a proper diet and regular exercise can boost its effects.

By sitting in a hot tub, you can already burn calories without doing anything. A person with a weight of 150 pounds can already shed around 70 calories in just an hour of sitting.

6. Fast Healing from Injuries

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A good way to heal your injuries is to enter a cold tub and immediately go to a hot tub. This will dilate the blood vessels, which would allow new and clean blood to be transported to the injured muscles. Because of this, the healing process will be boosted.

7. Improved Cardiovascular Health

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By submerging your body in water up to your neck, you are giving yourself a cardio workout. Water puts pressure on the body, which will also improve your cardiac volume. If you keep your body underwater, your heart will work harder and keep you healthier.

Although you can do this in a regular pool, soaking in a hot tub gives you more benefits as it would help you relax as well.

8. Stress Relief

Top 5 Hot Tub Health Benefits

Stress can trigger a lot of health problems in your body. This is why you need to de-stress at least once or twice every week. If you have a hot tub at home, you can relieve your stress any day of the week.


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You can enjoy all these hot tub benefits from the comfort of your home. By soaking at least 20 minutes in warm water, you can already access a wide range of health benefits.

There is a wide range of hot tub designs that you can choose from depending on the design of your bathroom. Enjoy all these health benefits without going out of your house.

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