7 Ways To Use Your Infrared Sauna

Many people use saunas in their homes. Others do sauna treatment in a spa, doctor's office, or health club. Both categories of people face a common challenge of using this facility. Using a sauna is not only about entry and exit at a time interval.  It involves getting the best out of this session. And you can't get the best of an infrared sauna without its proper use.

A dry sauna is one of the best home saunas for outdoor use. It uses simple technology to deliver one of the best heat treatments. But it doesn't come with a universal instruction manual. You have to discover the ideal way to use it to derive full benefits. This guide offers details on dry sauna usage for the most satisfactory outcomes.

What Differentiates Infrared and Traditional Saunas?

Spotting the difference between infrared and traditional saunas is a common problem. Some people only know saunas to be a heated room that can help with body treatment. But they cannot distinguish between infrared and traditional saunas.

Let's check the difference between these types of saunas.

An infrared sauna will not heat the air in the entire room. Instead, it directs heat rays to your body for greater efficiency. It includes infrared lamps that produce rays to warm the body. These warm rays penetrate the body with minimal energy waste.

This sauna type operates at a lesser temperature relative to the conventional type. The temperature limit is usually between 1000F to 1400F. Traditional saunas temperature limits are generally between 1500F to 1800F.

Another critical difference between the sauna types is the production of steam. You can add water to traditional saunas to produce steam heat. Infrared heat rays are dry. This sauna type doesn’t produce steam. So you can regard this sauna type as  a dry sauna.

7 Ways to Use a Dry Sauna For Effective Results

The first step in using this sauna type is identifying its essence and benefits. The next stride is finding the best outdoor dry sauna for sale. But the most crucial step is the proper usage of this facility.

Even if you find the best outdoor sauna for sale, you might not get the optimal benefits without proper use. Here are seven effective ways to get started with the use of a dry sauna:

  • Use The Sauna According To Your Need

A sauna does not work based on one size fits all. It has many perks, and its usage defines the result. If you intend to use a sauna for weight loss, it is wrong to use it like someone that wants relaxation. You need to ascertain your needs and use the sauna to meet them.

  • Choose The Right Temperature

On average, a dry sauna temperature falls within the range of 1000F to 1400F. You can decide the ideal temperature for you. The choice of the best heat range depends on some variable factors.

If you are new to this sauna type, it is best to start at lower temperatures. This decision helps your body to acclimatize to the sauna. You can increase the heat range as you gain more experience.

Even experienced users need to start at a steady temperature point. The opening session ought to be at a lower temperature. You can now increase the heat in later sessions until you reach the peak.

Another factor that influences temperature is why you are using the sauna. Using a sauna for relaxation requires a lower temperature. Unlike if you intend to use it for weight loss or other rigorous purposes. 

  • Duration of Use

It is best to divide your sauna time into sessions. Short sessions will help your body to maximize the heat's effect. Besides, it is necessary for heat variation and gradual temperature increase.

A beginner should start with small sessions. This can be between 10-15 minutes for each session. Experienced users can go for 20 to 30 minutes per session. Spending excess time in the sauna can lead to dehydration.

  • Clothing

What you wear prior, during, and at the end of a sauna session is crucial. What you wear before a sauna session helps your body preparation. What you wear during the session will determine its effect. And what you wear when the session is over is crucial for the outcome.

Clothing during sauna sessions is your choice. And it is best to wear apparel that enhances your skin's heat penetration. Thick or heat repelling clothes can absorb the rays. So, the lighter your clothing, the better for heat penetration.

If you use a personal home sauna, it is best to go naked. Some commercial or 2-6 person saunas permit users to go naked. But make sure you don't inconvenience other users by doing this.

  • Be Conscious Of What You Do During Your Session

It is best to be precise about what you intend to do during your sauna session. Your actions can influence the benefits you derive from the sauna session. Besides, it prevents you from acting out or being time conscious.

You can relax your mind, read, meditate,  listen to music, or pray. Consider having these sessions with your friend(s) and have some chit-chats.

  • Remember The Dos And Don'ts Of A Sauna

There are specific rules, dos, and don'ts that can help you maximize a sauna's potentials. Besides, they will also prevent you from affecting others with your presence.

Some of the dos of using a dry sauna include;

  •       Drink enough water.
  •       Ensure you enter with a clean body.
  •       Make swift entries and exits to aid heat conservation.
  •       Respect the space of others in the sauna.
  •       Ensure proper temperature regulation. 
  •       Wear suitable clothing.
  •       Keep the noise low.

Some of the don'ts of using a dry sauna include;

  •       Don't litter the space.
  •       Avoid heavy meals before your sauna sessions.
  •       Don't work out in the sauna.
  •       Don't use the sauna when you are ill.
  •       Avoid longer sessions than necessary.
  •       Don't fall asleep in the sauna.
  •       Avoid caffeine, smoking, alcohol, and other dehydrating elements 


  • Let Your Body Cool Down

What do you do after a sauna session? It is best to let your body ease off on its own in the most natural way. Once you feel eased, proceed with a shower and remember to stay hydrated.

When Is The Best Time Of Day To Use A Sauna?

You should realize that you can use a sauna at any time of the day. But it is best to use it at sleep time or in the morning.

Morning sauna sessions will prepare your body for the day's rigor. It will also help in relaxation and muscle recovery. And this can be after your regular morning workout. So, your morning workout will not affect the day's productivity.

The act of using saunas before bedtime prepares your body for a restful and pleasant night's sleep. You will wake up feeling refreshed and reloaded. Besides, it will help you recover from the day's stress with a relaxing feeling.


An infrared sauna offers lots of benefits. What you need to ensure is that you use it the right way. Using this sauna is not only about your entry and exit. The practices highlighted above will help you maximize the best home sauna’s potential outdoors.

Are you bothered with how to find outdoor saunas for sale near you? You can find the best outdoor dry sauna for sale at various online and offline outlets. Ensure you get your sauna from a reliable manufacturer. Feel free to explore the benefits of a dry sauna following this guide. 

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