4 Reasons Why 2 Person Traditional Sauna Is Expensive To Run

4 Reasons Why 2 Person Traditional Sauna Is Expensive To Run

You installed your sauna and got it running. Congratulations! But the installation expense is not the end of the story.  A sauna needs some operational cost that makes people believe it is expensive to run. You need a standard maintenance plan to sustain it without any hassle. This maintenance process is the same for a 2 person traditional sauna. Now, the query that crosses people’s minds is the operational cost of a two-person sauna type.

Do you want to know why two-person traditional saunas are expensive to run? This guide offers a detailed exposition on this sauna type.  You will also know the benefits and potential running cost of a 2 person steam sauna. Let’s explore!


A sauna is a wooden room with a slightly elevated temperature, usually between 650C and 90oC. The primary features of a sauna are the wooden structure and temperature control. The woods are without paint, and some of them contain rock elements to aid their warming. 

The rock elements help to absorb heat and give it off when necessary. You can also form steam heat by adding water to the rock. 

There are various sizes of saunas, depending on the number of people it can take. The 2 person steam sauna is a common sauna type. It can only accommodate two people at a time, but the rest of the features are the same as other sauna types. 


The popularity of a traditional sauna is increasing with every tick on the clock. More people now understand the benefits and use of this innovative structure. These benefits explain why many individuals spend a lot to own one.

Are you still blurred about the significance of a sauna? Below are the advantages of using a 2 person sauna;

  • It helps the body to relax and provides therapy for mild pains and aches. 
  • It enhances muscle recovery after the gym, sports, or other rigorous activities.
  • A sauna can induce sweating. This process aids in COPD, congestive heart failure, and peripheral vascular disease management.
  • A 2 person outdoor wooden sauna can help to lessen rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. 
  • Sauna bathing mitigates the possibility of experiencing depression and anxiety.
  • It helps to boost the immune system. It flushes out impurities through induced sweating.
  • It offers deep cleansing and fat burn.


The best 2 person traditional sauna is not dependent on only its installation. Its determination extends to its running cost. Installing a sauna and purchasing its accessories is the beginning. Ensuring it runs and functions correctly is another critical factor to consider. 

The cost of running a 2 person sauna is not as much as its installation. But it is significant because you have to maintain your sauna to enjoy long-term usage. So,  most individuals think the cost of running the best 2 person outdoor sauna is expensive. 

These expenses are "maintenance fees" that will help your sauna serve you longer. Here are a few reasons why it is expensive to run a two-person traditional sauna; 

1. Cleaning Materials and Supplies 

Cleaning your sauna is vital if you want the tremendous benefits of this space. Running a dirty sauna can negate all its potential use. The heat and steam in the sauna create a favorable condition for bacteria and mold to grow. 

Besides, you need to remove the dirt created by body contact with the wood. This procedure is essential if it has many users. The extent and frequency of cleaning a 2 person sauna vary. 

If you are running a commercial sauna, you might have to clean more. You have to clean the seats after each session or before a new set of people use them. At least, it is best to clean the interiors after everyday use. A private or home sauna requires less frequent cleaning. And this is due to the limitation in human usage. 

So, you will have to spend on cleaning supplies. These supplies will help you maintain proper hygiene and keep out bacteria and mold. 

But you should avoid using harsh cleaning chemicals on the sauna's wood. The heat in the sauna can force it to form harmful fumes. You can buy and use milder cleaning materials like vinegar and baking powder. You would have to add cleaning materials for buying expenses in your running cost.

2. Electricity 

Electricity is another regular expense with even the best 2 person outdoor sauna. The cost of electricity depends on the sauna type and how long you are using it. A 2 person outdoor steam sauna does not consume much electricity. But this occurs only at the right temperature. 

The hours of electricity you consume with your sauna are not only the time you spend inside. It would be best to turn on the sauna about 15 minutes before you step into it. This initial running time will help you to set the sauna at the right temperature. If you add this run time with the time you spend in it, you will have about 30 minutes to 1 hour for each session.

You can't have more than single or double sessions in a home sauna. But you should expect many sessions if you run a commercial sauna. Are you interested in knowing how to calculate the electricity cost of your sauna? 

Start by estimating the number of hours you use the sauna daily. On average, a 1000W 2 person outdoor steam sauna will use 1 kilowatt per hour (1kWh). Your sauna manufacturer will help you estimate the sauna’s electricity consumption. You can calculate this cost of electricity. What you need to do is multiply the number of hours with the charges per kilowatt. 

3. Laundry Supplies 

The expenses on laundry supplies are quite like cleaning supplies like towels. The main difference is that the laundry materials are useful for cleaning the guest at the sauna. It isn’t suitable for the facility itself. This feature is essential even if you run a naked sauna. 

You only need a personalized laundry accessory for home saunas. But you will need more for a commercial or outdoor sauna. You might have to incur costs on purchasing the laundry materials and keeping them clean. But you can cut these expenses by obliging each guest to come with a personalized laundry material.

4. Repair and General Maintenance 

General repair and maintenance cost is not as frequent as other expenses. Repairs will only happen when there is damage to the sauna. This expense includes fixing broken wood in the sauna. 

Another general maintenance is to ensure that the sauna is in the right working condition. It will also prevent potential damage that might demand more considerable expenses. 


The detailed list above highlights the running expenses of most saunas. Judging by these costs, it is safe to say that a sauna is not expensive to run. Besides, it is a fact that the sauna itself is an excellent health investment. It doesn't cost much to keep running. The costly part of a sauna is its installation and accessories buying. 

The monthly running costs of a two-person sauna are electricity, cleaning supplies, and laundry supplies. On average, the cost of running a two-person sauna per session is nine cents (Note that this cost is a rough estimate).

Knowing the variation in expenses is essential in running a sauna. It is slightly costlier to run a commercial sauna compared to a home sauna. Commercial saunas run for longer hours. This running means more electricity bills and more cleaning expenses. Either way, running a sauna is far from being expensive!

To Sum Up

Running a two-person sauna comes with a cost. This cost aims to ensure smooth operation and hygiene.  But, to run a 2 person steam sauna is not expensive. The variation in cost depends on usage frequency. 

You can mitigate your sauna maintenance expenses. You need to select the best 2 person traditional sauna from a reputable source. Are you set to make beneficial investments in a sauna for good health? Feel free to discover multiple options and pick the best for an ideal sauna experience. 


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